How To Know If You’re Conventionally Attractive

It’s not always easy to look at ourselves objectively, and sometimes we can be so focused on our flaws that it’s hard to see all the beauty we possess. While that may be in the eye of the beholder, it’s only natural to wonder if you’re conventionally attractive. Are you? Read on to find out.

How is attractiveness defined, anyway?

When we talk about being conventionally attractive, we’re usually referring to qualities that society at large considers to be aesthetically pleasing. These can be physical features, behaviors, or personality traits that people are drawn to and want in a potential partner. From an amazing smile and tons of charisma to symmetrical facial features and curves to spare, these are just a few qualities that are all part of attractiveness as defined by modern society.

Of course, beauty really is in the eye of the beholder in many ways. The absence of some or all of the things typically considered to be “attractive” doesn’t mean you’re some hideous beast who should go live under a rock. In fact, many people value more unique versions of beauty because it defies convention. In other words, you shouldn’t put yourself down or feel bad about yourself because you’re not sure you fit the stereotypical definition of hotness.

That being said, if you’re curious about how other people see you, here’s how you know.

Signs you’re conventionally attractive

  1. Other attractive people want to date you. The most obvious sign that you’re attractive is if other people who are conventionally attractive want to date you. Do hot guys match with you on Tinder? That’s a clue. However, this one isn’t always as telling because sometimes you can be too attractive for guys to ask you out (they’re intimidated!) or something about your personality might scare them off.
  2. You fit into a conventional set of standards set by social media and Hollywood. I couldn’t write this article without including this part. Unfortunately, there is a set of standards that we seem to hold people to when it comes to physical appearance. If you’re in what’s deemed a “healthy” BMI, you’re of average height, your facial features are fairly symmetrical, and you shower every day, you can probably rest assured that you are indeed attractive.
  3. You smell nice. It seems odd to think that your scent could make you more attractive, but it’s true. Research has found that the nicer you smell, the more people are drawn to you. Think about it: How often have you wanted to cuddle up in your ex’s hoodie or snuggle into their skin to inhale their scent?
  4. People often stare at you. Everywhere you go, people are always looking at you. Whether you’re at the mall, the bank, the gym, or the pool, you’re always catching people staring at you and it can make you self-conscious. Unless you’re wearing a giant furry bathrobe and fuzzy slippers everywhere you go or some other odd thing, chances are that people are probably staring at you because you’re cute.
  5. People like your photos a lot on social media. That being said, this isn’t a foolproof sign. If your selfies aren’t amassing hundreds of likes by your followers, they might just not care for selfies, so don’t worry too much. That, or you may not have a lot of followers. Either way, social media isn’t always a good judge of your attractiveness. Remember, all those likes don’t mean much in person.
  6. Perfect strangers smile at you. Unless you look like you’re in need of help (think: crying in the middle of a public area), people who smile at you most likely think you’re a hottie. Give them a smile back and your hotness meter will go up!
  7. You’re always smiling too. You’re a naturally upbeat person and you’re always able to look on the bright side of life. Wherever you go, there’s usually a genuine smile on your face. That’s not just attractive, it’s incredibly charming. It makes you appear approachable, laid-back, and a total pleasure to be around.
  8. You’re attractive if you feel attractive. Honestly, if you think you’re attractive, other people will find you attractive. This is one of those “fake it ’til you make it” times. If you start assuming you’re attractive, people will treat you as such. When they treat you like you’re attractive, you’ll start to believe it more, and the cycle will continue. See how well that works?
  9. You radiate confidence. A lot of times, your attitude has more to do with attractiveness than your overall look. If you’re putting out a confident vibe (but stopping short of cocky), people will be attracted to you. Most men find confidence sexy, so flaunt yourself!
  10. You’re always attractive if you have chemistry with someone. If you and the guy you’re currently dating seem to have a lot of chemistry, he most definitely finds you attractive. Sometimes the attraction comes first, but not always. Other times, you develop chemistry over time and the attraction grows. Either way, he’s definitely into you!
  11. You never get approached by men. If you get approached a lot, you’re probably attractive. And if you get approached once in a while, you’re probably attractive. But what if you never get approached? It doesn’t necessarily mean you’re not attractive. In fact, sometimes guys are too scared to approach the most attractive girl in the room, fearing she’s out of their league or assuming she’s already in a relationship. Another thing that can happen is you can be extremely attractive but not look approachable. Either you look really intimidating or you look like you might have a bad attitude.
  12. You get preferential treatment. You may not even realize it’s happening, but this is a definite sign of being conventionally attractive. It’s been scientifically proven that hot people have it better in life. They’re more likely to be hired for jobs, they’re thought to be happier and healthier even if they’re not, and they also tend to make more money. If you find that everything seems to always be coming up [insert your name here], that’s a good sign.
  13. You’re absolutely attractive if people tell you that you are. If multiple people have told you how gorgeous you are, stop worrying and start believing them! Most people wouldn’t bring this up unless they really think so. Smile with those pearly whites and say thank you! You’re a cutie!
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