How To Get Yourself In The Mood For Masturbation: A Self-Love Primer

May is International Masturbation Month! Not that anyone needs a month dedicated to masturbation to indulge in the pure joys of it, of course, but the fact that a month exists that recognizes just how important masturbation is to human sexuality is pretty damn awesome. Everyone does it, so why not celebrate for an entire month?

Because it’s the month that all about the gift that keeps giving ― self-love ― here are 7 ways to get yourself in the mood for some well deserved alone time with your favorite sex toys.

Turn off your phone. I realize the thought of turning off your phone can be scary, but isn’t the thought of realizing it’s your mom calling while you’re double clicking your mouse even scarier? Yes. So, just turn it off. If it’s important, whoever is trying to get in touch with you will leave a message or shoot you a text. You don’t want any distractions.

Dull the lights. Although there’s nothing wrong with masturbating in the bright sunlight, turning down the lights and maybe even lighting some candles, too, will create a seductive setting. Besides, people often tend to feel sexier when the lights are taken down a few notches.

Light some incense. Studies have found that scents like lavender, pumpkin pie (I know, weird, right?), licorice, and vanilla can stimulate blood flow to the vagina and can make you feel really hot. You want your brain and body to be totally focused on all things sexual, and pumping up the blood flow to your lady bits is just the ticket for mind-blowing orgasms.

Get comfy. Some women like to masturbate in bed, some in the tub, while others prefer the couch… because why the hell not? Wherever you’re most comfortable is where you want to be. You don’t want an orgasm interrupted because you opted for a kitchen chair or a position that might lead to the dreaded mid-orgasm leg cramp.

Take “naughty” photos of yourself. True story: You will never be this hot and young again. Even if you don’t have anyone to send the nude photos to, you’ll find that taking sexy photos will just make you feel sexy and like you’re up to no good. You’ll be amazed by how much it will put you in the mood.

Tease yourself. Because you’re getting yourself in the mood and not immediately going in for the kill, take the time to tease yourself. Touch yourself, then stop, then touch yourself even longer, then stop again. When you take the time to build up the sensations toward the inevitable full-on masturbation, you’re contributing to a more satisfying experience.

Choose your visual stimulation. People need different things to get themselves off. Whether you choose to watch online sex, read some heavy-duty erotica that’s going to turn your vagina into a water park, or rely on your own fantasies, pick your poison and go with it.

If you follow steps one through seven, you should be so hot and bothered that you’re ready to explode, so what’s next? Blast off, obviously.

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