I Can’t Live Without My Boyfriend But I Literally Can’t Live With Him

I love my boyfriend and think he’s a great guy. He always makes me laugh, we have fun together, and I can’t imagine my life without him. That being said, actually living with him is a nightmare and it gets me down sometimes.

  1. He drives me crazy. I adore him, don’t get me wrong, but my goodness is he obnoxious. From being completely non-responsive when he’s playing video games to telling me off for having long hair that sheds on the carpet daily, he constantly irritates me when I’m in his company for days on end. He just can’t seem to help it!
  2. He doesn’t try to shield his bad habits. Whether it’s chewing with his mouth open or “forgetting” to shower on an odd day, my BF is so open with his bad habits and doesn’t try concealing them in any way when we’re living together. I mean, I’ll try and hide the fact that I constantly bite my nails as something to do while I’m watching a movie, but he’s happy to do gross things in front of me. I guess I should feel flattered that he’s so content in my company that he can just be himself, but dude, can we please just tone it down a little bit?
  3. He stops making an effort with his appearance. Now, I know appearances aren’t everything, but it bothers me that he’ll stop making an effort with how he looks when we’re in each other’s presence for a long time. I’m not asking that he spends hours grooming himself to perfection, but can he at least put on a pair of pants and keep his beard trimmed down? I mean, I waste hours making sure my body hair is kept under control so that he’s not constantly met with hairy armpits, legs, and the rest of it. I don’t understand why he can’t show me the same courtesy and look after himself.
  4. He’s so used to being on his own. I can tell that he’s so used to being on his own when I’m not there because when I am, he often just does his own thing. There’s no consulting me on what after-dinner plans in case I want to do something together. No, he’d rather just finish what’s on his plate and then go straight over to the TV to continue with his latest Netflix boxset. I wish he’d remember that I’m a real person with feelings in the flesh. Since I’m living with him, I need continuous attention and to be considered in everything he’s doing. Sorry not sorry.
  5. We can be a little TOO direct.The issue, in a sense, is that we’re both direct people and we’re very open and comfortable with each other. That means we like to air things out as we’re thinking them instead of leaving them to fester. This is an extremely good thing, but it also means that we end up yelling at each other frequently about the small stuff like who used the dishwasher last and forgot to load it before they went to work.
  6. We’re very passionate people. Passion is also a really positive thing to have in a relationship, which is why I think we aggravate each other so much. We just love each other so much that we also hate each other at times. After all, there’s a fine line between love and hate and we tend to straddle it more often than not.
  7. We argue a lotIt’s very common for couples to argue, especially when they’re spending every waking moment together. In fact, it’s very common for humans to argue when they’re spending a lot of time together, regardless of whether they’re romantically involved or not. However, we seem to argue more than the average couple, which can bring us down.
  8. We always work through our problems. That being said, nothing is so detrimental in our relationship that we can’t work through it. In fact, one minute we’ll be shouting at each other for no reason and then, the next minute, we’re laughing and telling each other how much we love each other.
  9. I can’t stand being away from him. Sure, his presence annoys me at times. However, I also can’t stand being away from him. I usually assume that I’m going to enjoy my time away from him but then, when it happens, it’s absolute hell. It’s only healthy to take a bit of a break from your other half every now and then, whether it’s to spend a week visiting your parents or 30 minutes out of the house to go and grab some groceries. Still, I always can’t wait to get back to him, and that’s how I know that he’s a keeper.
  10. He adds value to my life. As much as my BF makes me want to scream in frustration at times, I can’t imagine not being with him. If he didn’t drive me nuts, it’d mean that I didn’t care as much about him or our relationship. Overall, he adds joy and value to my life and makes getting through each day that little bit easier, and that’s what’s important. We just need to work on being the best roommates we can be!
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