I Get My Friends To Approve My Nudes Before I Send Them To Guys

Show me a girl who doesn’t have an amazing girl squad by her side coaching her and cheering her on in life and I’ll have to call BS. Women need that close group of friends to count on and tell them when they’re slaying or dragging and I rely on mine to do just that. My crew approves my texts and nudes before I send them off and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

My girls each play a different role.

One is all about the proudly promiscuous life, another is married and suggests three dates before going down on a guy, a third is a man-eating goth, and the fourth is a lesbian. Everyone has their role in the group chat and I value their opinions when I’m sexting. They give me different opinions and perspectives and it really comes in handy.

I know they’re always are going to be honest.

When I send a nude for approval, I know they’re going to tell me if something looks weird or if I should try a different angle. I don’t have to worry about their judgment because we’re all on the same page. Stray hair or funky shadow? They won’t let me look bad in the pics I’m sending.

I learn new things every time.

 I sent a nude in the group chat for approval and my promiscuous friend suggested a new pose to pop my booty better. It was perfection! This is feminism at its finest! If we can’t help other women take fire nudes, are we really even friends in the first place? As a photographer, I know how to use light and bend at the right angles. I happily pass on that information to help my friends take their best nudes too.

I trust that the group chat is a sacred space.

First rule of group chat is we don’t talk about group chat in public—well, we don’t talk details. This should go without saying, but there was one instance where one of the girls was dating a new man who was threatened by our incessant chatter. He snuck onto her phone to see what it was all about and it compromised the sanctity of the chat for weeks after! After that, we swore not to mention what goes on in chat.

Validation doesn’t always come from men.

Sometimes it’s nice to hear how good you look from someone who doesn’t want to sleep with you. If I’ve been working hard on booty gains, the girls are going recognize that way before a man ever will. When we were all working to lose weight, we’d compliment one another when the nudes came through. When bathing suit season was approaching, we were honest about what styles complimented each other the best. It’s amazing to have such a loyal support system.

They keep me from looking desperate or easy.

I don’t ever want to come off as too willing to send nudes; they should be considered a gift to whoever is on the receiving end. My girls will tell me if I’m sending them too soon, if I’m sending them too often, or if he doesn’t deserve them at all. When I don’t trust my judgment, I definitely trust theirs.

We have a warning system.

Before we send nudes in the group chat, the rule is to announce that a nude is coming through, wait for acknowledgment, and then send. This way if we’re in a public place, we know not to open the message. God forbid we expose a fire nude to everyone at the bar!

They help interpret all the screencaps I send through too.

I did a phone dump and the biggest album was my screenshots. When I need coaching through a conversation, there is no better way to manage it than with screenshots. The girls will help me interpret every text a guy sends. Is there an underlying message? How do I respond to get enough attention but not seem desperate in the process? Is this the time for a nude?

If I’m wasting my time, the girls will let me know.

Sometimes I’m so caught up in a guy I don’t see his true colors. My girls are really great at seeing through the BS and telling me when it’s time to cut him loose rather than keep going with him.

I trust their guidance.

I’ve been screwed over by more men than I care to admit, but my girlfriends have always been there. We trust each other to offer reasonable advice and honest answers. If I’m making a bad decision and a guy isn’t worthy of my close-ups, I know the girls are going to tell me so.

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