I Tried THC Infused Lube—Here Are My Thoughts

In an effort to embrace our adult responsibilities more fully, my boyfriend and I recently decided to cut out smoking pot for a while. I know, I’m just as sad as you are. Luckily, the universe still had my back and a random scroll down my social media feeds alerted me to the existence of THC-infused lubricant, which I immediately purchased and tried.

It was a bit pricey.

Prices range anywhere from $10 all the way up to $80 depending on the brand, with most having pretty decent reviews. I opted to meet somewhere in the middle purchasing and ended up with a decent sized bottle of lube for about $40. I wanted to make sure whatever I was getting would actually be infused with enough THC to match my tolerance degree, so I didn’t mind spending the extra money.

It’s not your typical lube

Made with medical grade cannabis oil and liquid coconut oil, the consistency is very different from any traditional lubricant I’ve tried. Think of it as more of an oil substance but thinner. There’s not much of a smell and I liked this aspect, especially compared to the manufactured latex smell other lubes tend to give off. THC-infused lube caters to many issues women may be experiencing like vaginismus (vaginal pain) and difficulty orgasming, so I’d say that alone makes it worth a try.

My lady parts went limp. 

In the absolute best way possible. Directions tell you to apply the lubricant to all areas of your genitalia, inner and outer, and wait about 15-30 minutes before engaging in sexual activity. After about 13 minutes, it hit me. The feeling wasn’t massive; it was more like when you come home from a long day of work and your boyfriend has actually cleaned the apartment—it was a welcome and pleasant surprise. I had a very warm and cozy feeling down there, with heightened sensitivity in all areas of my body.

It doesn’t taste that great. 

You can technically eat this stuff. You won’t get high like you would if you smoke an actual joint, but I’d say it’s comparable to eating about half of an edible. A loopier high, but nothing that will have you feeling anxious or eating your whole snack drawer. I took about six good sprays to the throat just to see what it would do to me and it did help with speeding up the arousal period.

My orgasm wasn’t over the top. 

Although I did come twice, it wasn’t as overwhelming as I thought it would be. The actual moments leading up to the spasm is what made the lube comparable to no other. I will say it felt as though it was coming from a deeper place in my body and wasn’t like anything I’ve felt before. My expectations were probably a little too high based on all the reviews I read detailing “mind-blowing orgasms” other people had experienced. It was good, but not quite that good.

You have to be careful using condoms.

Because of its ingredients, one of the downsides of using THC-infused lube is that it isn’t compatible with latex condoms. Your only options are to either use the lube with a trusted partner or find a latex-free alternative. This brings down the convenience factor for me. This isn’t the lube you want to carry in your purse before a night out when you aren’t sure of what’s to come. I find this lube works best in scenarios where you prep and prepare.

It’s great to use alone. 

My experience was a little more enjoyable when I got the chance to experiment alone. With the help of my battery operated buddy, things got turned up a lot quicker than my first time using it. Another plus was the mess afterward was a lot easier to clean up. Because of the slick consistency, there was no sticky residue, which I loved.

My boyfriend didn’t reap the benefits.

 This lube is specifically geared toward the female sexual experience. Unfortunately, the lube doesn’t have the same effects on guys that it does on girls unless they were to ingest it. I suppose it all works out because the more revved up you are, the more revved up your partner will get, which makes it a win-win situation all around.

I still felt the product long after I was done. 

It’s like it just kept working. Shortly after playtime, I went to go walk my dog and the light trek got my lady parts buzzing again. I don’t think I felt completely “normal” until the next day mid-afternoon, and I’m shockingly OK with that. I’m sure everyone’s body will react differently, but be mindful of plans you may have after you using this specially crafted lube.

I want to try making my own. 

Surprisingly, it’s not that difficult to make. I want to experiment with potency levels and try different formulas that respond best with my body. This project probably won’t happen until some time from now, but the fact that I have the option is intriguing. Although I don’t think I’ll be making weed lube apart of my regular intimacy routine, I’m pleased with what it had to offer and the conversation piece it has given me.

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