If He’s The Right Guy For You, Accepting These Things About You Will Be NBD

Every relationship requires work, no matter how much you love the other person or how well you get along. No one’s perfect and we all have our quirks, but if a guy is the right one for you, he’ll accept these parts of you without complaint even if they really annoy him (after all, he’s got his own obnoxious qualities):

Your stubborn attitude.

The wrong man will call you a bitch and have a difficult time handling you when you’re worked up. Being stubborn is just part of your personality and sometimes you don’t even know you’re doing it. The right guy will respect that you’re set in your ways and let you do your thing since he knows eventually you’ll snap out of it and do the right thing.

Your hypersensitivity.

 The wrong guy will call you sensitive and hurt your feelings. The right guy wouldn’t throw that term in your face or invalidate you. Instead, he’ll support your emotions and do whatever he can to improve the situation and make you feel better. He hates the thought of you being sad and he’ll do anything to fix that.

Your need to vent.

You WILL need to vent from time to time — you’re only human, after all. The wrong guy will ignore you when you speak; the right guy will embrace it and actually listen. He knows you just need to get it out so you don’t go crazy, and he’s there to be your sounding board and either commiserate right along with you or just hear you out. He knows you’re there to do the same for him when he needs to vent too.

Your morning breath.

The wrong guy will be grossed out when you roll over in the morning and breathe on him. The right guy will smile and kiss you anyway (and then probably joke about how you both need to hit the Scope). Sure, he’s not going to morning breath — frankly, you’d probably need to worry about a guy who does — but he loves you, and that’s enough.

Your cheesy sense of humor.

 If he’s the right guy for you, he’ll think your jokes are hilarious. Yeah, they’re corny AF, but that’s what makes them so hilarious. Being with someone who laughs at your jokes and appreciates your uniquely weird sense of humor is a keeper because if you can’t laugh together, you’re going to struggle to get through the tougher times. If you can make each other laugh, you’re both doing something right.

Your wild side.

Every girl has a wild side, and if you’re with the right guy, he won’t try to stifle it because he’s jealous or insecure. He’ll love your crazy dance moves, how many drinks you can knock back, and your ability to party all night long. He won’t try to make you feel guilty about your love of getting crazy because he thinks it makes it look bad or worries you might get some other guy’s attention. That’s not his style.

Your crazy family.

 Instead of being annoyed by your crazy family, the right guy will find them endearing and make your family his own. He knows that they matter to you, so they matter to him. He knows that if he gets in good with your parents and siblings, he’s pretty much set. He plans on being in your life a long time, which means he’ll be part of theirs too.

Your anxieties.

Whatever keeps you awake at night and sits on your mind, he’ll make you feel better about. The wrong guy will tell you to just stop worrying, but the right guy will help you do something about them. While he knows he can’t completely absolve you of your fears and anxieties, he’ll be there to hear you out and offer support in whatever way possible. You don’t have to worry about being judged because he’d never do that — he just wants you to feel safe, loved, and happy.

How long it takes you to get ready to go out.

Yeah, he can shower and be out the door in 15 minutes and he doesn’t understand why it takes you 45, but he quickly learns not to question it. True, he insists that you look great even without full hair and makeup, but he gets that your routine makes YOU feel confident, and that’s what it’s all about.

Your love of rom-coms.

He’s not going to go see Fifty Shades of Grey with you (you’ve got your girls for that), but he doesn’t give you a hard time when he comes home from work and you’re halfway through The Notebook for the third time that week. He knows how you feel about sappy romance movies because that’s basically how he feels about sports and if you can accept that, he can accept this.

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