If You Recognize These 8 Feelings, You’re Secretly Unhappy In Life

Unhappiness has the ability to creep up on you. And while most people may think or say that they’re doing okay, there are a lot of hidden indicators that point to that not being the case. Here are a few signs that’ll tell you if you’re secretly unhappy in life.

1. You Get The Sunday Scaries A Lot.

Picture this: you’re trying to enjoy the last licks of your weekend—maybe you’re watching your favorite show or hanging with friends—whatever you’re doing, you suddenly get that pit in your stomach. It’s the familiar unshakeable feeling of dread and anxiety that washes over you ahead of your work week. Now, we’ve all had Sunday Scaries at some point in our lives so if this comes up sparingly (like when you have a presentation the next day), then that’s totally normal. But if you find yourself in this pit of despair ahead of every Monday, that may be a sign you’re unhappy.

2. You Often Daydream About Having A Different Life.

Here’s the hard truth: people who are happy in their lives don’t spend much time thinking about how their lives could be different. That’s because they’re too busy living in the here and now—what they’re experiencing is already pretty great, so there’s no need to think of what could be better. On the flip side, if you happen to spend a lot of time thinking about how your life could be better or if you’re meant for more, then that’s a sign you’re unhappy.

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4. You Feel A Lack of Motivation.

It’s easy to want something different for yourself. But to actually go get it? That’s a whole different ball game. A common sign of being unhappy is desperately wanting to change but not having the fire inside of you to start. You might think that one day, it’ll just happen—you’ll get the energy and motivation to get yourself out of your current situation and into a better one. But motivation doesn’t just appear out of thin air (as annoying as that may be), and you have to make the effort to start.

5. You Don’t Deal With Your Problems.

If escaping your problems didn’t lead to more problems, then we’d do it all the time. But unfortunately, the opposite is true: when you don’t pay attention to or try to solve your issues, they’ll come back tenfold. A common trait of unhappy people is that they try to escape what’s going on whether that’s through TV, social media, or something else. While doing those things may put a temporary bandaid on the situation, there’s still a wound that needs to be dealt with head-on.

6. You’ve Been In The Same Routine For Awhile.

If you find yourself doing the same exact thing day in and day out without any change-up or ounce of excitement, then this could majorly contribute to your unhappiness. Don’t get us wrong, we love routines! But the monotony of it all can cause you to live life on autopilot—doing things just because they’re what you do and not because you enjoy them, ultimately ending up in you becoming bored with life and pretty miserable. The familiar feels safe to you and, even though it’s not bringing you happiness, it feels way easier than switching it up. Try deviating from one thing in your routine and see how that changes things for you.

7. You Compare Yourself To Others.

Yes, comparing yourself to others is a natural human tendency. But if you’re constantly looking at other people’s highlight reels and thinking something like: “They can do it because they have X skill, which I don’t have” then you’ve fallen into the comparison trap (and it’s getting you nowhere). Looking at other people’s lives and pointing out what you don’t have is a sign of unhappiness and can lead you to feel inadequate about yourself and your own accomplishments.

8. You’re Experiencing A Loss Of Interest.

We all have days when we’re just not that excited and everything seems kind of, well, meh. But if you’re having these days more often than not or withdrawing from activities you used to look forward to—whether that’s personal hobbies, trying new things, or meeting new people—it’s a hidden sign of unhappiness.

9. You Have Uncontrollable Emotions.

One minute everything is fine and the next you feel like the world is crumbling beneath you. In other words: it’s exhausting! These constant ups and downs can be a sign of underlying unhappiness. If the feelings you’re experiencing are taking a toll on your mental, physical, or emotional health then you may want to look into talking to someone to get to the bottom of your emotions.

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