Inmate Who Slashed Pedophile’s Face With Razor Blade In Cell Gets 7 Years Added To Sentence HMP Altcourse

Inmate Who Slashed Pedophile’s Face With Razor Blade In Cell Gets 7 Years Added To Sentence

An inmate who slashed a pedophile’s face with a razor blade has had extra time added to his prison sentence. Daniel Andrews scarred Jordan Murray for life, leaving the sex offender needing more than 100 stitches on his cheek following the attack, at which point Andrews told Jordan: “I don’t like people who talk to children,” the Liverpool Echo reports.

The incident happened in late 2019. Andrews and Murray were both on the medical wing at HMP Altcourse in Fazakerley in the UK when the attack happened in 2019. Murray was returning to his own cell at roughly 9:15 a.m. after going to the bathroom but was called by Andrews to stop at his cell. That was when the trouble began.

Murray never tried to hide what he’d done. According to prosecutor Peter Killen, Murray openly admitted to Andrews what he’d done to be put in prison. “Mr. Murray did not know Mr. Andrews but had spoken to him and in speaking to him on this occasion he indicated that he had convictions. He told the defendant that he had convictions related to sexual offenses against children,” Killen told the court. Murray didn’t think Andrews cared much about this, but when Andrews called him back, Murray was attacked. “They spoke very briefly about football but in any event, Mr. Murray recalls the defendant said to him ‘I don’t like people who talk to children,’ and the defendant slashed him across the side of the face,” Killen recalled.

Murray will now have a permanent scar. In addition to the 100 stitches it took to close the 15cm wound across the right side of his face, authorities say he will be permanently scarred. Andrews later told police that voices in his head told him to attack Murray and said: “He’s got two victims, think of them.”

Murray is suffering from PTSD from the attack. In a personal victim statement shared in court on behalf of Murray, he said: “I can’t believe someone would do this to another person.” Killen added that “every time [Murray] looks at the scar it brings back a memory of the attack which makes him upset and worried.”

Andrews had 39 previous convictions for 75 different offenses. All of the offenses were for assault. He was given seven and a half years in jail and a five-year extended sentence. He’ll need to serve two-thirds of his sentence before he’s considered for parole. Once he’s released, if he re-offends, he’ll finish his sentence and get five years added on.


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