International Delight Is Selling A Coffee Creamer That Tastes Like A Reese’s Egg

Now that Valentine’s Day is over, Easter is the next holiday on the radar. Personally, it’s one of my favorites, particularly because it means I can eat my weight in jelly beans and chocolate without feeling bad about it. One of my favorite Easter treats is definitely Reese’s peanut butter eggs. They’re not really different from the brand’s peanut butter cups but they’re super delicious, and International Delight is obviously on the same page with their new and improved coffee creamer.

  1. International Delight has had a Reese’s coffee creamer for awhile now. With that in mind, it’s unclear if the Reese’s Egg flavor is any different than the one that’s been out for ages or if it’s simply the same as the old flavor but just with a seasonal bottle redesign. That’s what Instagrammer @dadbodsnacks, who spotted and shared the creamers with his followers, thinks may have happened.
  2. The ingredients are the same in both the old and new bottle design. That points to them being essentially the same product with the same taste, but who can say? “None of the info was different, but I’m still VERY interested,” @dadbodsnacks wrote in their post. “Wouldn’t we all like to see the GOAT Reese’s Item be made into a creamer!!??”
  3. The eggs do kinda taste better though, don’t they? Yes, Reese’s eggs are just the peanut butter cups in a different shape, but the eggs always just taste a little better for some reason, don’t you think? If the folks at International Delight felt the same, it would have been awesome if they very slightly tweaked the flavor on their previous creamer to make it taste a little more Easter-y.
  4. Unfortunately, it’s just the packaging that’s different. International Delight hit up the comments section of the Instagram post to clarify what was really going on here, writing, “We did give our Reese’s, Almond Joy, and Peeps a little bit of love this holiday season with some cute holiday-themed packaging! 😍 The formula is still the same. 😊,” they confirmed. So it may be the same thing, but given that the creamer is so good, it’s still worth buying!


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