Is Being Shallow Really All That Terrible?

One of the worst things any of us can be accused of being is shallow, right?  Sure, we all enjoy things that are aesthetically pleasing, but there seems to be a battle between admitting something is pleasing to the senses and wanting to seem like a deeper, more open-minded person. But is being stereotypically “shallow” really all that bad? Here are some things that other people might perceive as shallow, but you just think they get a bad rep.

Reality TV.

So maybe your favorite reality TV show isn’t an award winning documentary, but these are real people we’re dealing with. Yeah, a lot of reality shows are scripted, but it’s still a fascinating look into human nature and totally mindless entertainment that’s addicting to watch. Why should you feel bad about vegging out for a while?

Caring about your looks.

It’s not shallow to care about your looks when it isn’t the only thing you care about. You should enjoy your beauty, and part of that might be doing things to maintain it. Same goes with looking after your body. Yeah, you want to fit into trendy clothes, but you also want to be healthy, and what’s wrong with that?

Ditching friends.

This is circumstantial, of course, because sometimes it’s really mean. But other times, when your life changes in positive ways, there are other people who you just don’t need along for the ride dragging you down as you go — especially if they’re having a hard time rooting you on.

Documenting your life on Instagram.

Some people view any sharing as oversharing, but you can appreciate the social interaction and fun of posting photos. Just as long as you don’t totally obsess over how many likes you get on them, you’re good to go. Documenting your experiences is not only a way to look back on all the amazing things you’ve done, but it also jogs your memory when you can’t remember that amazing restaurant you went to brunch last summer.


Research has found that some gossip is actually healthy, as it fosters a connection between people and forms a social community. Of course, you’ll need to use discretion, because some secrets aren’t for sharing, and you want to be seen as trustworthy and able to keep a secret when you’re asked to do so.

Being a scatterbrain.

Some people are quick to associate scatterbrained tendencies with being an airhead, when the ability to keep track of car keys actually has no correlation on actual intelligence. Maybe you just have too much going on or you haven’t slept enough this week. There’s always an explanation for your mind being somewhere else. So long as this isn’t your permanent status, you’re fine.

Chick lit.

Just because a book is decked out in a pastel pink cover and contains a predictable love story in its pages doesn’t mean it isn’t extremely well written. Plus, any reading is better than no reading, and you don’t have to justify your reading habits to anyone at all. When’s the last time they read a book?

Avoiding political conversations.

It’s not that you don’t have your own opinions, you’re just not always sure if opening up that can of worms is worth your energy in a group setting. You know that differing political opinions are the cause of major arguments, and while you could talk about the 2016 election until the cows come home, you’d rather not do it in mixed company.


Just because someone is in a phase of their life where they feel the need to get blackout drunk on the regular doesn’t mean that they’re going to remain in that mindset. If you can still get up in the morning and make it to work on time (and actually perform your job well while you’re there), there’s nothing to feel bad about… at least for a while.

Shrill screams when you run into your friends.

Since when is enthusiasm a marker of being a surface level person? Extremely girly, maybe, but not necessarily shallow. So what if girls like you are the subject of teen movie jokes? You love your friends and you’re not afraid to show it.

Making snap judgments about men.

Common courtesy would suggest that you give guys a chance, even if they don’t seem like your normal type, but science also says that we make a lot of our judgments about people within milliseconds, whether we like it or not. It’s also known as your intuition, which is usually a pretty good thing to listen to when it speaks up.

Lack of refinement.

Intelligence isn’t limited to science nerds and literary scholars. Creative and social intelligence can be displayed in completely different ways, and there’s no one way to its levels, so people need to lay off.

Being super hot.

Just because the leggy babes of the world know that they’re hot doesn’t mean that they know less of anything else about the world. You can be hot without it being your entire identity. Hotness doesn’t negate any other qualities you have, and anyone who thinks so is probably shallow themselves.

Being happy.

People don’t need to be brooding in an existential crises to be thinking deep thoughts. Maybe the happiest people already worked through all their mental garbage and totally ahead of the game.

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