IUDs Are Amazing—12 Reasons You Should Consider Getting One

No birth control method is perfect, but I found my perfect match with an IUD. As a girl who was always strictly on the pill, suddenly having something inserted into my uterus seemed like a big jump. However, it ended up being the best decision I could’ve made for my reproductive health and planning for a family with my husband. Girl to girl, here’s why I stand by the IUD 100 percent.

  1. THEY AREN’T AS SCARY AS YOU THINK. Back when IUDs were first developed, there were a lot of flaws that needed to be worked out, so of course everyone and their mom (literally) has a super old horror story about an IUD gone wrong. Don’t worry, the IUD design has completely changed over the course of 40 years and has improved incredibly.
  2. INSERTION TAKES LESS THAN A MINUTE. It’s true that it might be a little painful to have the IUD inserted depending on your period (I didn’t even feel mine), but it literally takes less than 30 seconds to go through the insertion itself. Thirty seconds of discomfort is a small price to pay for an almost fool-proof form of birth control. This is the time to woman up and just go for it!
  3. YOU GET UP TO 10 YEARS OF PROTECTION. Depending on which IUD you choose, you have between three and 10 years of protection against pregnancy. If you aren’t planning on having a family anytime soon, this is a great option to keep unplanned pregnancy away until you’re sure you’re ready.
  4. THERE’S A HORMONE-FREE OPTION. If you’re tired of messing with your hormone levels, there’s an IUD that doesn’t change your hormones at all. The ParaGard is a copper option that simply kills sperm and is extremely effective. No one likes to be on the hormonal roller coaster, so here’s your option to get off!
  5. IT’S THE MOST EFFECTIVE FORM OF BIRTH CONTROL. Other than literally having your tubes tied, an IUD is the most effective form of birth control on the market. I’ve never been so carefree and unbothered about my body, even if my period is a little bit late. Think about how much money you’ll spend on emergency doctor visits and Plan B—just think about it.
  6. NO MORE PILLS. As a girl who is both forgetful and spontaneous, being on a pill schedule for birth control was really not my thing. I always forgot to take it at the same time every day and was always worried I would end up pregnant before my husband and I were ready. Also, who wants to carry around pills everywhere? I’ll pass.
  7. YOU DON’T HAVE TO THINK ABOUT IT. This is your opportunity to throw out your schedule—your birth control schedule, that is. No matter if you have to maintain it daily, weekly or monthly. It’s such a pain to keep up. Your IUD works without having to think about it or even put it in your schedule. My planner is full enough as it is—I love not having to squeeze in a birth control routine anymore.
  8. IT’S TOTALLY SAFE. Pretty much every birth control method these days is heavily tested for safety but the complications of IUDs are so small, it’s great to remember that the risk of something going wrong is very, very uncommon.
  9. IT’S EASY TO CHECK ON. If you want to make sure your IUD hasn’t moved around and is still working, all you have to do is feel for two strings that hang out of your cervix. As long as you’re able to feel them, you’re totally good to go. It’s a really easy way to get some reassurance that it is still in place and you’re protected. It’s recommended to feel for the strings once per month.
  10. THERE ARE MINIMAL SIDE EFFECTS. Choosing a birth control option these days is like pulling teeth. Every option comes with a list of side effects such as weight gain or significant changes in your cycle. The only real side effect that comes with an IUD is usually heavier periods. My periods were heavier for three months then went back down to normal. There really aren’t many bad things to say about the IUD and what comes after the insertion. Stock up on some heating pads and Midol, no biggie!
  11. IT DOESN’T MESS WITH YOUR FERTILITY. If you choose the hormone-free option, your body doesn’t have to readjust before you can try for a baby. Everybody’s body is different but the complications to get pregnancy are definitely lower without having to worry about hormone levels and the body going back to normal.
  12. THEY’RE THE FUTURE OF BIRTH CONTROL. Doctors are trying to break the stigma of the IUDs of the past. They’re an affordable, long-term birth control option for women in developing nations and those who don’t have the means for an ongoing prescription. IUDs are a huge step forward in giving women all over the world options to be in charge of their reproductive health. What’s not to love?
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