Jell-O Cakes That Look Like Tropical Islands Are The Prettiest Dessert You’ll Ever See

Dessert trends come and go, but not all of them are noteworthy. However, bakers have been making the most gorgeous Jell-O cakes that look like exotic tropical islands and they’re almost (but not quite) too pretty to eat. Not only that, but they’re perfect for the hot summer weather. I want one!

This is a creative challenge for bakers everywhere. New Zealand-based cake maker Maryam Khan, who owns Cakes by MK, said she was mesmerized by the Jell-O cake trend as soon as she became aware of it. “When I saw pictures of this new 2020 cake trend emerging I was immediately mesmerized by it and had to try it. It’s certainly given me more confidence to think outside the box,” she told Insider. “I love being able to get creative with my cakes and trying new things that will push me out of my comfort zone.”

It’s not as easy as it looks! While it might seem as though putting some jello in a dish and decorating the top is easy, not so much! The bakers who have tried it have admitted that it’s been incredibly challenging and one of the hardest projects they’ve ever taken on! Frankly, I can believe it – they look super intricate.

So how is it done? Obviously you’d need some gelatin as well as some blue dye to get the perfect ocean hue. The islands tend to be made with actual cake, while crumbled cookies and nuts form the sand. The details are done by with marzipan, chocolate ganache, and modeling chocolate.

If it’s something you want to try yourself, there are tutorials out there. Cakes by MK was kind enough to do a full video tutorial of how to make your own tropical island Jell-O cake on YouTube. While it may be hard to get it as pretty as hers on your first attempt, it’s definitely worth trying!

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