Labia Don’t Come Standard! Here Are Different Types—Which One Do You Have?

You might think your labia—the inner and outer folds of your vulva, that is—look like every other woman’s, but they totally don’t. There are many different types, shapes, and colors. Here are some of the variations—which one sounds like you?

Your labia majora are like a neat envelope.

The labia majora, the outer lips, might look all neat and tidy, covering the labia minor, vaginal opening, and clitoris. This is the most desired labia, apparently, and sometimes it’s known as the Barbie labia. It’s even made some women want to get labiaplasty, which is basically plastic surgery for your labia. Geez. Although this neat envelope is popular, it’s definitely worth remembering that it’s no better than any other type.

Your labia majora are puffy.

Don’t feel like they’re weird—it’s totally normal for the majora to be puffy! Of course, they might make you feel a bit uncomfortable when you wear leggings because they show up as two mounds under your clothing, but wearing the right underwear that holds everything together is just what you need.

Your labia majora are thin.

Instead of puffy, you might have thin labia majora. Just like lips, labia thickness varies for different women. However, thin majora could occur as a result of menopause because of the hormonal changes your body’s experiencing.

Your labia minora are bulgy.

This is when your labia minora, or “inner lips”, peek out beyond the labia majora. It’s normal but can be irritating if the labia minora get in the way of clothing zips or sex. The truth is, research has found that almost 50% of women have inner labia that are bigger than the outer ones, so don’t stress about them.

Your labia look grey or brown.

You got a wax and saw that your labia are brown or grey. Don’t be shocked—it’s completely normal for the labia to be in these colors, as well as purple. They’re not always pink, no matter what porn might make us think!

Your labia color has changed.

It’s normal for your labia skin color to change over time, so don’t be worried if your labia have gone from pink to grey or brown. This change can be caused by pregnancy, hormones, or occur as a result of normal aging. If your labia look really sore or feel sore, it could be that you’re wearing clothes that are too tight and rubbing up against them a lot. An example is if you wear g-strings through which your labia peek and they’re rubbing up against your tight skinny jeans. Alarmingly, it’s even possible to get a blister on your vulva from wearing too-tight clothing. Ouch!

Your labia look like a flower.

 You might notice that your labia minora is a bit visible along the length of the labia majora, but it resembles a flower bud. This is known as a tulip shape!

Your labia aren’t symmetrical.

If you notice that one side of your labia peeks out from your underwear or that your labia look asymmetrical in the mirror, don’t worry. It’s actually really common for your labia to be uneven, just like how your breasts are probably not symmetrical.

Your labia create a horseshoe shape. 

Your labia majora gently curl around the labia minora, which can be seen along its length but the labia minora don’t hang out of the majora. This creates a horseshoe shape. Nothing wrong with that!

Your labia majora are set apart. 

Sometimes the labia majora look tight and close together, but other times they tend to be placed further apart. It just means that you can see your labia minora easily.

Your labia look really long.

A study that actually measured different parts of the female anatomy found that when the labia majora are flaccid, their lengths can vary from around seven to 12 centimeters! As for the labia minora, their length is usually around two to 10 centimeters. So, although you might think your labia are unnaturally long, they’re probably normal.

The skin on your labia looks weird.

It’s not just labia color and shape that varies, but texture too! Just like your skin isn’t the same all over your body, your labia skin could have small bumps on it. Or, you might see folds of skin in the labia. These are completely normal! What should make you consult with your doc is if you see cysts or moles creeping up in the area.

Your labia majora have hair. 

It’s normal for your labia majora to have hair, and you can get rid of it if you want. However, hair in that area serves the important purpose of keeping your vagina free of infections. Thankfully, this only happens on the outer labia. At least that’s one less body part to shave/wax!

Your labia minora increase in size.

During sex, your labia minora become lubricated and they increase in size. They connect to the top of the clitoris, which is why they boost your sexual pleasure. Pretty cool, huh?

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