Ladies, “Winter Vagina” Is Coming To Destroy Your Life (No, It’s Not)

Other than when you’re having sex or during your period, you probably don’t give much thought to your vagina. Why should you? It’s just another body part and it seems to function just fine on its own. But does it really? Not according to an NHS nurse in England, who claims that “winter vagina” is on its way and it could end up destroying your life. (Not likely.)

Mary Burke, a former midwife and a current senior clinical nurse in London, claims that just like the cold, dry winter weather can wreak havoc on our skin and lips, it can have the same effect on our lady parts… despite the fact that they’re never exposed to winter air (save for when we’re quickly getting out of our flannel PJs and running to a hot shower to avoid the cold).

“Dry autumn and winter air depletes moisture from our bodies, leaving our skin dehydrated and cracked, and our sinuses parched. And while it’s an issue few will want to discuss openly, our vaginas can enter ‘drought mode’ during this time too. When we spend a lot of time in air conditioned rooms, or with the heating on, we’re living in air which carries very little moisture,” Burke told The Sun.

Burke is on her Gwyneth Paltrow grind as she recommends eating your greens and even using a humidifier on your vag to beat the cold, dry weather. Obviously you should eat your greens anyway and a humidifier helps if you have sinus and allergy issues, for instance, but it’s not going to do jack for your vagina. It doesn’t need to—your vagina functions perfectly on its own.

I think the worst part of this whole malarkey is that Burke is actually a practicing medical care provider, and spreading BS information like this, while relatively harmless, is a serious problem. Ladies, there’s no such thing as “winter vagina.” There’s just your vagina, and it’s absolutely fine just as it is.

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