Listening To These 4 Types Of Music Will Get You More Dates

It might sound crazy to think that the music you listen to could influence your success in the dating world, but a new survey of users on Plenty of Fish is saying that’s exactly the case. After sifting through more than nine million profiles, they determined the four types of music that seemingly guarantee you’ll find a date.


This specifically applies to guys, it seems, though ladies who are also into the likes of Blake Shelton and Carrie Underwood should benefit from this. Guys who are into country received 32% more messages on PoF, perhaps partly because they tend to be 49% less likely to be looking for a quick hookup.


Women who are into rock, specifically classic rock like Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones, are 68% more likely to stand out to guys and receive messages of interest. That’s a really huge advantage, but not a surprising one. After all, if you’re into rock’n’roll, you have to be pretty cool, right? (BTW, those who are into heavy metal got 9% more messages, so still a notable boost.)


 An appreciation for Beethoven or Mozart may do more than make you smarter—it can also help you find a date! According to PoF’s survey, women who are into classical are 93% more likely to be looking for a serious relationship and even marriage compared to those who preferred other genres. That’s no guarantee that you’ll find love, but it makes it much more likely that you’ll attract a guy who wants the same.


Interestingly, male rap fans are also secret romantics at heart, with 16% said to be looking for a serious commitment. Maybe they should go for a woman who’s into classical—it might just be true love.

One of the most interesting takeaways of this research is that music in general seems to be really important to people in their search for a partner. A whopping 67% of single people say not being into music is actually a deal breaker in dating, and I can’t say I blame them.

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