Man Arrested For Fondling Himself In A Georgia Applebee’s

When I go to Applebee’s, I want to enjoy my mozzarella sticks and Diet Coke in peace, not see some weirdo in the corner watching p*rn on his phone while fondling himself. However, that’s what customers at the Thomasville, Georgia branch of the restaurant were subjected to last Friday. Thankfully, the culprit has since been arrested.

applebee's arrestThomasville Police Department

Timothy Dugan has a serious problem. According to WRDW, he was in Applebee’s on December 27 at about 9:30 p.m. and instead of ordering a burger and fries and enjoying them like a normal person, he instead decided it was a fine time to bring up some erotic videos on his phone and give his nether regions a rubdown, which is a major no-no in a public place.

There were kids around! Families were dining in the restaurant at the time and Dugan’s antics were on full view, which made his offense even worse. Thankfully, Applebee’s staff acted quickly as soon as they were alerted to what was going on, forcing Dugan to leave the restaurant and calling police.

Dugan didn’t even bother to try to leave. Instead, when officers from the Thomasville Police Department arrived, they found Dugan hiding in a nearby bush, presumably finishing what he’d started indoors. What’s with this dude?

He was arrested immediately. Dugan was charged with indecent exposure and child molestation and taken to the Thomas County Jail, where he’s being held without bond. Probably for the best considering someone who believes it’s appropriate to do these things in public is likely to escalate their crimes to something much more harmful in the future.

Don’t ruin Applebee’s for the rest of us, man. Frankly, when I hit up Applebee’s, I’m probably feeling pretty chill. I’m not necessarily worried about eating food of the highest quality, I just want something tasty and relatively inexpensive in a laid-back environment where I don’t feel weird for turning up in leggings and a hoodie. People like Dugan have no place there (or anywhere else, to be honest). Don’t harsh the Applebee’s vibe, bro.

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