Man Cut Off His Own Penis And Flushed It Down Apartment Toilet

A New York City man reportedly cut off his own penis and one of his testicles and threw them into the toilet in his apartment, the NY Post reports. The roommate of the unnamed 50-year-old, who lives in Staten Island, called police on Wednesday, December 27 just before noon reporting that the man had cut his own arm. However, when law enforcement responded to the property, they discovered the situation was much worse.

  1. The man had actually cut his right arm. When police responded to the property on Main Street in Tottenville, the man reportedly admitted that the wound on his right arm was self-inflicted. He was treated by EMTs, but his next admission was even more serious.
  2. He revealed he’d cut off his own genitals. The man is said to have told EMTs that he also cut off his own penis and had flushed it in an upstairs toilet. The EMTs then confirmed that the man’s private parts had indeed been removed, with his penis and one of his testicles gone. They later found a large amount of blood in the bathroom in question.
  3. The man revealed he suffered from mental health issues. He told investigators that he had schizophrenia and Bipolar II but that he had been off his medication for several months. It’s unclear whether this was something he willingly chose to do or if he had been unable to obtain the medication he required.
  4. It’s unclear whether or not authorities found his genitals. However, here’s hoping the man was taken to a place where he could get the help, both physical and mental, that he clearly desperately needed.
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