Man With ‘World’s Biggest Penis’ Claims He’s Been Pursued By Many ‘Well-Known’ Celebs Who Are Desperate To Sleep With Him ITV/This Morning

Man With ‘World’s Biggest Penis’ Claims He’s Been Pursued By Many ‘Well-Known’ Celebs Who Are Desperate To Sleep With Him

A New York man who claims to have the world’s biggest penis has also said that several “well-known” celebrities have pursued him after hearing about his oversized member. Jonah Falcon, 51, apparently has a 13.5-inch penis, and it affects his love life in some pretty big ways. Appearing on This Morning in the UK, Falcon didn’t hold back on boasting about what he’s working with below the belt, though it remains to be seen whether any of it is true.

Public figures seem to flock to Falcon. As you can probably imagine, a man with a 13.5-inch penis is something of a draw for all kinds of people, celebrities included. Presenter Josie Gibson asked Falcon during his interview: “You have had a few Hollywood partners, I know you are not allowed to say but do you get that a lot?” He responded: “Here’s the thing, a large majority are just very well known, not necessarily Hollywood. As a matter of fact, a big chunk of them come from the British Isles.”

Word travels fast when it comes to genitalia, apparently. Falcon claims that he’s always put in touch with “celebs” by “friends of friends,” and he apparently never turns anyone down.

This isn’t the first time Falcon has boasted about these sexual encounters. In an interview with The Sun, Falcon claimed that he’d had many intimate relationships with “Oscar nominees and winners” but added that he “can’t talk about that.” He explained: “I can’t even say if it was men or women – it’s a very limited list so I don’t want to narrow it down too far. It wasn’t Meryl Streep – I’ll just leave it at that.”

He sees himself as a “unique property.” It’s not every day you come across a man with a 13.5-inch penis or anything close, which is why Falcon thinks he’s such a hot commodity in Hollywood. “Most of the time they sought me out. One or two of them were at parties. I’m a unique property I guess,” he said. “It’s a real compliment when porn actors and actresses say I’m bigger than all of the partners they’ve had. They view me as the biggest and you have to remember they’ve seen a lot – so they know.”

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