Married Man ‘Horrified’ To Find Random Woman Performing Oral Sex On Him As He Slept

A British woman has been jailed for more than three years after she sneaked into the bedroom of a sleeping man and began performing oral sex on him. Marie Le-Mar, 38 and from Milton Keynes is said to have been part of a long drinking session before she took off her clothes and went into the man’s room and began performing the act. Now she’ll have plenty of time behind bars to think about the terrible way she violated the victim.

The man believed the woman was his wife at first. The victim, who’s said to be an older man, had been sleeping in a different room from his wife as he snores. For this reason, he initially mistakenly believed that Le-Mart was his wife. “The defendant tried to pull him on top of her, plainly trying to engage in sex, but she fell off the bed. The realization came that this was not his wife,” prosecutor John Farmer said, as per the Daily Record. “He came to his senses as he was in a deep sleep, turned the light on and realized she was drunk and stark naked.”

The police were called immediately when the man came to. He immediately told his wife what happened and she called the police. While they waited for officers to drive, the inebriated Le-Mar threatened to “knock her f****ng teeth out.”
She then attempted to resist arrest and even assaulted the officer trying to take her into custody.

She later claimed she couldn’t remember anything. Le-Mar did admit charges of causing a person to engage in sexual activity without consent, common assault, and assault of an emergency worker, but she insisted she had no memory of any of the events. Her defense lawyer, Derek Johashen, insisted that her motives weren’t sexual as “she has no sexual attraction to this man, it is not something she would ever consider, and she cannot explain why she decided to act in this way. She is not a predator.”

It’s all down to the alcohol. Despite the fact that someone who “uses [alcohol] as a form of medication” is responsible for their own actions, Johashen still insisted that this was all down to the alcohol and that Le-Mar was just “very drunk.”

The judge wanted her to realize the seriousness of her crimes. As Judge Thomas Rochafard told Le-Mar during sentencing: “Sexual offenses against men are no less serious than sexual offenses committed against women, the act has gender neutral terms to achieve equality.” She’ll now have plenty of time to reflect while serving her time.

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