Maybe You’re Not As Open To Love As You Thought You Were

Think you’re ready for love? If it’s not happening, you might want to think again. Sometimes we’re split deep inside somewhere and aren’t even aware of our conflicted feelings. Here are some signs that you might not be as open to love as you thought you were.

You like people until they reciprocate.

You lose interest in your crushes when they start crushing back because it makes things a little too real.

You have a specific type that you won’t veer from.

Knowing what you want is a good thing, but creating a single mold that someone must fit is just closing off other options you hadn’t considered yet.

You’re not open to compromise.

You see your world in one way only, and you’re not kind about or interested in the opinions that other people have.

You had the chance with a great guy and blew it.

Feeling a little self-destructive, are we? If you can’t figure out why you kissed his best friend, it might be because you’re scared of what would have happened if you didn’t.

You’ve ghosted instead of talking things out.

Save for truly destructive or dangerous people who should be avoided at all costs, ghosting is the least mature way to exit a relationship. Real love requires all that mature stuff.

You judge people really quickly.

A friend wants to set you up with someone and you cut her off by the time she shows you the first snapshot of him.

You date total train wrecks.

You date terrible guys because you know deep down that you could never get serious with them…  thereby ensuring that there won’t be any true love in the picture.

You’re anti-online dating. 

Maybe it’s not the ideal story to tell, but real love matches do happen online whether you like it or not.

You fantasize about dating people you can’t have.

Celebrity crushes and married people are most intriguing to you, because they’re not reality.

You’re still generalizing types.

Generalizations like “finance guys are boring” are straight up narrow-minded thinking. Imagine all the false generalizations people could have about you.

You have extremely specific deal breakers.

Wearing the same cologne as your ex boyfriend shouldn’t be one of them.

You don’t like to make mistakes.

Well, no one does, but most successful people in life and in relationships don’t let the fear stop them from trying.

You don’t like guys who disagree with you.

Because you’re failing to see that he might be showing you another way of thinking because he respects you.

You haven’t let your ex go.

He’s gone, but is he gone from your head? Comparison between him and the new guys and secret dreams of ending up together do not help a girl move on.

You don’t want your life to change.

If the mere thought of changing up your dinner routine sets your nerves on edge, you might not be ready for a whole other person to get involved.

You obsess about finding love.

The truth is, when people are ready for real love they’re happy doing whatever is happening in the meantime. Obsessing about it assumes that there’s something wrong with you or your life, which is not the perspective that aligns magical introductions.

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