The More Meat Men Eat, The Shorter Their Erections Last, Study Says

A lot of people like to chow down on a nice burger or steak sometimes, and why shouldn’t they? Meat is tasty and, if sustainably and humanely sourced, it’s less harmful to the environment and animals when enjoyed occasionally. However, a new study has shown that eating a lot of meat has some pretty terrible consequences not just for the earth but for men’s erections too.

The study was performed as part of the Netflix documentary The Game Changers. The movie, which was produced by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jackie Chan, and James Cameron, looks into elite athletes who swear by a plant-based diet. The result? Men who eat less meat enjoy better health in many ways, including healthier erections.

The idea that eating meat is manly just isn’t true. “When I think of a manly man, I think of someone who has strength, endurance, sexual prowess and fertility,” said Dr. Aaron Spitz, former lead delegate of the American Urological Association, according to the New York Post. “What the scientific studies are showing, is that the more meat men eat, the more quickly they lose their . . . manly manhood.”

The study speaks for itself. In The Game Changers, men wore penis rings to bed for several nights, eating a meat burrito before bed one night and a vegan one the next. The point was to measure their erections, and the results were clear: the vegan erections were stronger and lasted longer. In fact, they saw a 303% increase when eating the non-meat meals!

Of course, it’s not necessarily conclusive. This study was done at home on an extremely small scale, wasn’t randomized, and didn’t take into account pretty much anything besides what the two men ate before bed. Still, there have been more widespread scientific studies showing men who followed diets that were lower in fat and cholesterol had better erections/fewer symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Bottom line? Maybe go veggie at least sometimes, fellas. Hey, you’ll be helping the environment, your health, and potentially your sex life. What do you have to lose?

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