10 New Love-Making Positions To Try When Things Are Getting Boring In The Bedroom

10 New Love-Making Positions To Try When Things Are Getting Boring In The Bedroom ©iStock/SolStock

After a while, even the best love-making needs to be spiced up. While you can totally throw in some new moves, maybe even add some food to the mix (hey, eating pizza while making love is totally socially acceptable), what you might really need is to switch up your positions. There are some amazing ones out there that are going to blow your mind — you just haven’t tried them yet. Instead of sticking to your usual three or four, here are 10 others to try ASAP.

  1. Assisted Missionary. This is basically your good ol’ fashioned missionary, but with, well, some assistance — that assistance being a pillow. Whether you have make love with men or women, whoever is on the bottom should place a pillow under their lower back or backside. In raising up their pelvic area to meet yours, you’re getting some deep action that regular missionary just doesn’t give you.
  2. Reverse Cowgirl. I realize this isn’t exactly novel for some of you, but for others, it can definitely inspire a “What? Really?” Reverse Cowgirl is when you are on your partner while facing the opposite direction. What makes this position so hot is that your special spot is being stimulated and you can use either your hand or outside help to stimulate your body, which, if you play your cards right, can lead to some fantastic multiple doses of ecstasy. While it is considered the most “dangerous” position because if you bounce too much and your partner misses the hole it can lead to a fracture in his man parts, as long as you stick to more gyrating, which feels better anyway, both you and your partner win.
  3. The Flying Buttress. Unfortunately, this position doesn’t involve any flying, although it would be so awesome if it did. Can you imagine having peaking mid-flight? Instead, for this position, you’re going to straddle your partner as if going into Reverse Cowgirl but lay yourself down flat against their legs. Basically, the two of you look more like a spider than a flying buttress, but whatever. This position may not be your scene because it involves some finagling, but it does provide for some stimulation while your partner gets to check out your back side– which, let’s be honest, your partner pretty much lives for anyway.
  4. The Cross (aka The L Train). If you’re religious, you can call this one The Cross and if you live in a city with an L Train, then you can call it that. Either way, it’s the same position. With your partner on their side and facing you, you want to drape your legs over their hips with their man parts (or a toy!) inside you. If it sounds confusing, think of it like you’re sitting on your partner’s lap sidesaddle, but you’re both lying down. It does require a bit adjusting and readjusting to get it just right and, honestly, it’s more of an appetizer than a main dish. Because of the angle and limited movement, this position isn’t going to lead to anyone peaking quickly, so it’s a nice way to begin or put in the middle of your intimacy sesh if you need to slow things down a bit.
  5. The Scissors. I realize when we hear scissors in regards to making love, we immediately think it’s just something gay women do – not true. Personally, I know very few women who love women who like this position, but I digress. If you’re in a straight couple, The Scissors involves you putting one of your partner’s legs between yours so you’re locked in a scissoring type of fashion. At the angle in which his man parts enters your lady parts from here, there’s some intense pressure that adds to the sensation of intercourse.
  6. Standing Up. As long as you have a wall to support you, making love standing up can be easy, fun, and relatively safe. If you don’t have a wall, you and your partner can end up banged up on the floor. Making love while standing up allows for a couple different positions. For starters, you can lift one leg, putting it in the crook of your partner’s arm while they go inside of you that way. Or, if you’re feeling daring and your partner has some upper body strength they want to show off, they can lift you entirely off the floor with both your legs in their arms, while making love to you that way. As you can see, you definitely need a wall for that unless your partner is John Cena. Holy moly, Batman, that dude has some nuts muscles.
  7. The Wheelbarrow. Although this position reminds me way too much of wheelbarrow races of my youth (I’m from New Hampshire, OK?), it is a fun one to try. For this one you want to get into a plank position, as if you were doing yoga, then your partner walks between your two legs and picks them up, entering you from a standing position. Because your partner is making love to you from behind, you’ll have a good sensation. Where things get different and perhaps a bit tricky is the fact that you’re holding your body up with your arms. Personally, I’m a fan of any position that allows me to be excessively lazy, so I’d opt out of this one. But if you really want to get your money’s worth in calories burned then this is definitely one for you.
  8. The Crab Walk. Again, this is more about showing off than actual pleasure. Don’t get me wrong, it’s pleasurable, but it’s also a show-off move. For the Crab Walk, you and your partner should sit facing each other with your knees bent. You want to be close to each other to touch for this or you’re going to have to crab walking toward each other and it might kill the mood. Or not. I’m sure there’s a crab-related fetish out there. With your hands flat on the floor behind your back, you want to lower yourself onto his man parts (or her toy!). You’ll find that you’re both leaning back a bit on your arms and in doing so it provides leverage for maximum grinding. While it won’t give you any stimulation unless you do it manually, it does focus on the G-spot. You’re also the one controlling the situation, so if your partner tends to come too fast, this is a great position to try.
  9. Tired Doggy. Now this is a position I can get behind (pun!) because it involves minimal effort from the person on the bottom. For this one, you want to lie flat on your stomach while your partner lies on top of you from behind. If you want to put in some effort, you can use the bed as a means to stimulate your sweet spot or you can just lie there and take it all in (another pun!). Either way, it’s relaxing, stimulates your most sensitive parts and feels good. The only difficult part for this position is NOT falling asleep, which can happen to the best of us after a long day, so if you do, it’s OK. It will also make for a funny story to tell at brunch this weekend.
  10. The Sideways Straddle. This one is awesome even though it doesn’t involve a nap. With your partner on their back and one knee raised, you’re going to straddle that leg while facing away from your partner. You want to be on your knees for this one. From here, with his man parts (or her toy!) inside you, you want to move against your partner. What makes this position so great is that all of your most sensitive parts are getting ample stimulation. Again, you’re the one in control so it’s a position every guy who has a hard time controlling himself can use.
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