Ohio Woman Called 911 Claiming Her ‘P***y Was On Fire’ And She Needed A Hose To Put It Out Ottawa County Jail

Ohio Woman Called 911 Claiming Her ‘P***y Was On Fire’ And She Needed A Hose To Put It Out

When you call 911, the general assumption is that you’re having a genuine emergency. It’s important that the system isn’t misused so that authorities can get help to people who actually need it. However, 50-year-old Ohio woman Katrina Morgan abused the service when she called 911 claiming that her “p***y was on fire” and she “[needed] somebody to come and put it out with their hose.”

It was an immature prank call. A Port Clinton Police Department dispatcher answered Morgan’s 911 call asking what the problem was. Morgan responded, “I need the fire department please, ’cause my p***y’s on fire. I need to make sure their hose is working. Is their hose working?” The dispatcher then clarified by asking, “What is on fire?” to which Morgan repeated her claims. A friend of Morgan’s was heard in the background of the car laughing.

Police tracked Morgan down at her friend’s place. There, they arrested her and took her into custody. However, she didn’t go without a fight. According to a police report, it wasn’t until a police officer showed Morgan his taser that the “agitated” woman got into the cop car.

Morgan only narrowly avoided jail. After reaching a deal with prosecutors, Morgan pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct with persistence, which is a misdemeanor. While she was sentenced to 10 days behind bars, she won’t have to serve any of that time if she doesn’t get into any more trouble. She also got a $250 fine, but $150 of that was suspended as well.

Bottom line? Don’t do prank calls. Certainly not to 911, which is for legitimate emergencies only. Not only are you wasting dispatchers’ time when they could be helping those legitimately in trouble, but you’ll also be tracked down by police and held responsible for your behavior. Learn from Morgan’s mistake and don’t make the same one.

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