Outrageous Things Narcissists Feel Entitled To In Relationships

Outrageous Things Narcissists Feel Entitled To In Relationships

Normal relationships require compromise, empathy, and respecting your partner’s needs as much as your own. Narcissists? They didn’t get that memo. Driven by an insatiable need for admiration and lack of empathy, they see relationships as transactions designed to serve THEM. They believe they deserve special treatment, that rules don’t apply, and their partner’s primary role is to constantly inflate their fragile ego. Let’s expose some of the ridiculous things they think they’re entitled to.

1. Your unquestioning worship

They’re the star of the show, and you’re a lucky audience member. Your unwavering admiration is their oxygen. Constructive criticism, expressing hurt feelings, or having needs of your own threatens their inflated self-image and will either be met with rage or shut down through icy manipulation.

2. To be the constant exception

Rules are for common folk, not the dazzling narcissist. They expect special treatment – double standards abound. They might berate you for being late but vanish for hours without explanation, lecture you about finances then blow money recklessly, and demand absolute loyalty while openly flirting with others.

3. To be right about everything, even when they’re not

Facts are pesky obstacles to a narcissist’s grandiose self-view. They’ll twist conversations, gaslight you, or throw a tantrum to avoid admitting even the tiniest fault. Their need to always “win” erodes trust and makes resolving conflict impossible – there’s no middle ground, only their way.

4. Your complete and utter subservience

Your feelings are only relevant if they boost the narcissist’s ego. Expressing sadness, anger, or disappointment that isn’t about praising them is perceived as a personal attack. They expect you to be their emotional cheerleader, ignoring your own needs to endlessly prop up their fragile sense of self.

5. The right to control you

Subtle or blatant, their aim is power. They might dictate your clothes, friendships, or how you spend your time. Isolation is a tool, as it increases your dependence, MindBodyGreen notes. Questioning their authority or wanting basic autonomy (like a night out with friends) is often met with manipulative guilt trips or explosive anger.

6. Forgiveness with no accountability


They hurt you, you react, then it’s all YOUR fault for being “too sensitive.” Expect half-assed apologies focused on how awful YOU are making THEM feel, followed by demands you instantly “get over it.” Actual remorse or behavior change? Don’t hold your breath.

7. Your silence about their flaws


In their delusional world, they are flawless. Pointing out inconsistencies, lies, or hurtful behaviors gets twisted into you being abusive. They want a partner who reinforces their fantasy, not a reality-based human capable of critical thinking.

8. To exploit or take advantage without remorse

They lack the internal compass that makes most people feel bad for hurting others. They might “borrow” your things without asking (and never return them), use you for financial gain, or drain you emotionally, only to toss you aside when you’re no longer useful to them.

9. To always have things their way


Compromise is a foreign concept. From major life choices to what’s for dinner, they expect their preferences to rule. This isn’t about give-and-take; it’s about your desires taking a permanent back seat. Expressing your preferences is met with manipulative sulking, playing the victim, or outright refusal to negotiate.

10. Instant gratification of their every whimsical desire

Their needs are urgent; yours can wait. They may change plans last minute with zero consideration of how it disrupts you, expect you to drop everything to cater to their moods, or sulk/rage when they don’t get their way. Their impulsive desires take precedence, as mature responsibility or consideration for your time are simply not on their radar.

11. To be immune to the consequences of their actions

A mess? Someone else cleans it up. Broken promise? Well, YOU made them do it. Their world operates on a logic warped to absolve them of all blame. This lack of accountability erodes any foundation of a healthy relationship. They create chaos, then paint themselves as the victim of your justifiable reaction.

12. To never, ever feel bored

Narcissists, with their fragile egos, are terrified of boredom. That gnawing emptiness inside must be constantly filled with external stimulation. YOU are part of their entertainment committee. Expecting thoughtful conversation or quiet downtime together is a recipe for their icy disdain. They need a partner who always brings the drama, excitement, and novelty, which is exhausting and unsustainable.

13. Your endless energy and resources

Narcissists are emotional vampires. They’ll suck you dry with their constant need for validation, drama, and crisis management. You’ll give and give, while they take and then complain it’s never enough. Expect guilt trips for not being an eternally cheerful, doting source of unlimited support, regardless of your own well-being.

14. To rewrite history

Per PsychCentral, gaslighting is a favorite narcissist tactic. They’ll deny saying mean things, twist conversations until you doubt your sanity, and make WILD promises they conveniently “forgot.” It’s not about forgetfulness; it’s about control. This deliberate distortion of reality keeps you off balance, reliant on their version of events, and makes it harder to leave.

15. Unending benefits from the relationship with zero reciprocation

Healthy relationships have a natural flow – you both give and receive. Narcissists only receive. They may shower you with love-bombing early on, but it’s a bait-and-switch. Once hooked, expect them to constantly demand support, favors, and attention, offering minimal real emotional investment or support in return.

16. To monopolize conversations


Conversations are not exchanges; they’re their soapbox. They’ll brag, seek validation, or endlessly complain, barely pausing for breath. Your attempts to share your day, worries, or passions are met with glazed-eye disinterest or subtle attempts to steer the conversation back to them.

17. The ultimate prize: to break you


This isn’t about all narcissists consciously wanting to destroy you, but they damage nonetheless. The constant criticism, withholding love to control you, and chipping away at your confidence erodes your sense of self. They thrive on power, and someone secure, grounded, and aware of their worth is a threat to their control.

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