Why Passionate Women Make The Best Dates

Every date you go on should have the potential to be amazing. There’s something to be said for giving everyone a chance, but at the same time, if you’re bored before you even meet them, what’s the point? A passionate woman doesn’t do mediocre, and she doesn’t settle for good enough. She wants the best, and she doesn’t have time to waste on yet another coffee date. Why wouldn’t you want to go on a date with a woman like that?

She’ll inspire you.

Everyone is passionate about something, but sometimes there isn’t a lot of time to devote to whatever it is. But a passionate woman makes time. Seeing someone else making their passions a priority have a way of rubbing off, and it will be hard not to get inspired by her positive influence.

She genuinely cares.

A passionate woman isn’t afraid to care about things. But when she doesn’t care, she’s not going to bother faking it. She’s an all or nothing kind of girl, and if she cares about you, you should count yourself lucky.

She gets excited about things.

Even if it’s no big deal, she appreciates the little things. She also probably has a few things she’s really looking forward to, and you’ll be able to tell just by the way she talks about them.

She has plenty of her own interests.

You won’t spend your entire date struggling to think up small talk with her. She has plenty going on, which means she can hold her end of a conversation, and then some. That means she’ll never be the clingy type either. She doesn’t need you to make her life interesting.

You’ll never wonder what she’s feeling.

Good or bad, a passionate woman wears her heart on her sleeve. She may seem dramatic sometimes, but at least you’ll always know what she’s thinking. If she likes you, you’ll know about it.

She goes after what she wants.

She’s not one to sit back and hope the right things fall into her lap. She knows what she wants, and she’s not afraid to put herself out there if that’s what she needs to do to get it.

Her enthusiasm is infectious.

A passionate woman knows how to make even a low key date interesting. The way she communicates has a way of getting everyone around her excited about things and she’s probably not even doing it on purpose. It’s just her natural disposition.

She knows how to make you feel wanted.

With some girls, you’re never really sure if it’s you or just the idea of you that they’re into. A passionate woman knows how to make you feel special, because again, if you weren’t, she wouldn’t be wasting her time on you.

She has opinions.

One thing a passionate woman is not is a wallflower. If she has something to say, she says it. And she knows what she’s talking about too because it’s important to her to be informed about the things she cares about.

She loves love.

When a passionate woman falls in love, she falls hard. She’s looking for that person she can’t live without, and if you treat her right, she won’t hesitate to give you the same in return.

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