Controversial Study Says Pedophiles Are Born That Way And Can’t Be Rehabilitated

An intensely new controversial study has been released that claims pedophiles can’t be rehabilitated as the trait is in them when they’re born. While many people have taken issue with the findings, the neuroscientist behind the study insists the research is clear.

Dr. James Cantor studied the brains of convicted pedophiles. After doing so, he was 100% certain that those guilty of these crimes and who have these urges don’t want to act on them. Not only that, he insists that the quality is inborn rather than learned. “All the evidence suggests that pedophilia begins in the womb,” he said.

Something has gone wrong in their brains. Studying the MRIs of adults who have sexually abused children, Cantor found that the connective tissues of their brains was totally miswired. “It’s accidentally identifying things in the environment that should evoke a parental nurturant instinct, but instead it’s provoking a sexual and erotic instinct,” he explained.

No treatments have ever worked. Regardless of the intense work undertaken by psychologists and other mental healthcare professionals, no one has ever been able to rehabilitate a pedophile and take their urges away, Cantor says. “A person does not pick it. And despite every kind of treatment that has been attempted over a century, nothing has been shown to be able to change these people from pedophiles into non-pedophiles,” he told 60 Minutes Australia.

He believes more support needs to be given to those with the condition. Cantor, who serves as the director of the Toronto Sexuality Centre in Canada wants medical treatment and therapy to be more readily available to pedophiles even if there’s no way to “fix” their predilections.

It’s a contentious issue for sure. Everyone can agree that abusing children is a reprehensible act that should be punished severely. What many can’t agree on, however, is whether or not those who are guilty of these acts are truly responsible or if it’s beyond their personal will. Either way, more studies need to be done and more ways to deal with these individuals need to be found.

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