People Are Ordering Ramen Cakes For Birthdays And Weddings And They Look Delicious

Weddings and birthdays are wonderful occasions for one major reason: an excuse to eat cake. While my personal preference is for devil’s food cake with vanilla buttercream frosting, I’m an equal opportunity cake owner — that includes savory cakes like the specialty ramen cakes made by Pioneer Indomie Cake in Indonesia.

The cakes are made with Mi Goreng brand and cake maestros Tot Aw. And boy, are they amazing. While they make everything from ramen donuts to canapes, it’s the wedding and birthday cakes that are the true stars of the show. They’re multi-tiered and totally delicious-looking.

The TOT Cakes, as they’re called, are major. The massive creations are made from instant noodle packets — 14 to 17 packets of them, according to The Jakarta Post. Each cake is meant to serve between eight and 10 people, but given how delicious it looks, I’d be lucky if it served half that amount of people.

Where did such a genius idea come from? Apparently, Indonesian moms put so many instant noodles in their kids’ lunchboxes that the noodles often ended up becoming congealed into cake-like shapes. Tot Aw decided to make it official by making their own version.

They’re really affordable. Occasion cakes can be incredibly expensive, but the ramen cake by Tot.Aw runs about Rp 140,000 (US$10), which is a total bargain. You could buy four or five of them for the price of one regular cake!

They even come with toppings. This isn’t just a pile of ramen noodles in cake form. That would be too simple! Instead, you can get toppings on the cakes, as the cafe’s co-owner Erwin told The Jakarta Post. “The first [topping] is taken from our spicy rice menu, such as shredded chicken, salted cuttlefish and meatballs. The second topping is beef cornet and melted cheese,” he revealed.

They plan to expand their flavor choices in future. “We plan to make more Indonesian-flavored toppings such as chicken gulai [curry stew], opor [coconut milk stew] and rendang [beef simmered in coconut and spices]… we also have a noodle menu with cheese and chocolate toppings. So it’s really about food that is rarely found out there,” Erwin continued. Is anyone else getting hungry or is it just me?

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