About 1 In 100 People Are Psychopaths—Are You Dating One?

When you start dating someone new, you probably do a preliminary sweep for red flags. If the person seems relatively normal and not like they’re into building bombs in their basement in their spare time, you probably think they’re in the clear. But what if you’re wrong? Science has revealed the real signs you should be looking for that you’re dating a psychopath—it’s more common than you’d think.

They lie more than they tell the truth.

Sure, not all pathological liars are psychopaths, but many psychopaths can’t seem to tell the truth to save their lives. They’ll lie about anything and everything under the sun in an attempt to cover up their behavior and achieve whatever psychopathic goals they’ve set. Scary.

They’re way too charming.

While a little bit of chivalry and charm go a long way in love, there’s something called “too much of a good thing” and this qualifies. If they’re constantly laying it on way too thick, it’s likely because they’re trying to manipulate you because, well, they’re psychotic.

Their ego is the size of Texas.

You won’t usually find a psychopath with poor self-esteem. Instead, they tend to have inflated, almost delusional views about themselves and their skills, talents, etc. It’s good to be confident, but psychopaths seem to think they’re gods among men.

They try to destroy your self-esteem.

It’s not enough that they have their heads so far up their own butts that they can’t see the light of day. No, psychopaths often want to elevate themselves even further by putting you down, gaslighting you, and generally making you doubt everything about yourself. Please don’t let them.

They’re big babies.

If you’re too smart to fall for some of their BS, chances are your psychopath partner won’t take too kindly to that. In fact, they’ll likely start throwing temper tantrums and may even get violent with their rage. This is a dangerous situation for everyone, so you need to get out ASAP.

They never feel guilty about anything.

No matter how much their behavior hurts or upsets someone else, you’ll probably never hear them apologize (and if they do, they certainly won’t mean it). Psychopaths don’t really understand the concept of remorse and they certainly don’t feel it, so don’t expect an “I’m sorry” when they screw you over.

They have no self-control.

Psychopaths are wired a bit differently from the rest of us, sure, but they’re also intelligent enough to understand concepts like empathy, kindness, and self-control. Most of them just choose to ignore those impulses and instead act out, doing whatever they want whenever they want regardless of their environment. If you’re dating a psychopath, don’t be surprised if they embarrass you in public or cause a scene for seemingly no reason. It’s like they can’t (or won’t) help themselves.

They’re more likely to cheat.

Psychopaths have a lot of traits in common with narcissists and sociopaths, and those qualities are ones that make a person more likely to cheat. That’s not to say that if your partner isn’t cheating on you, they’re totally normal, but it’s another warning sign to watch out for.

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