Screw #RelationshipGoals—What About #SingleLifeGoals?

We see #relationshipgoals literally all over our Insta feeds but what about #singlelifegoals? It’s absolutely possible to have a single life that’s the envy of all. Here are 10 goals relationship-free girls should be trying to reach—at least I am.

Get a crazy healthy (and hot) body

 When I get in a relationship, I turn into a total couch potato. For some reason, I don’t feel like it’s important to work out and eat healthy because I mean, I’m in love! Who needs to worry about such trivial things like counting macros or going to the gym when you’re in a constant state of bliss? Now that I’m single, I have the opportunity to exercise, eat right and finally get that healthy body I’ve been dreaming about.

Build a bomb career

The second my relationship ended, I became laser-focused on my career goals. It’s crazy how distracted you can get when you’re in love. Things seem so perfect and then when they end, you realize how much time you’ve wasted only focusing on this one person. Now that I’m a single girl, I don’t feel like I’m wasting any time. It’s me against the world and I’m taking every opportunity I can get to advance in my own career goals which is exactly what I should be doing in this phase of my life.

Start creative projects I’ve always dreamed of doing

 There’s been a half-painted canvas in my closet for almost five years, no lie. Since I’m no longer in a relationship, I can finally do those fun, creative things that have been buzzing around in my head for what seems like forever. I’m a naturally creative person but you’d be surprised how distracted I get in relationships. Now that I’m single, I can write that screenplay I’ve been fantasizing about and finally finish that damn painting in my closet!

Do whatever I want, whenever I want

 The greatest part of being single is that my schedule is mine and mine alone. I have the freedom to fill it up with whatever I feel like doing without having to work around whatever my partner wants to do or has planned for the week. The whole world is my oyster and that’s a great feeling!

Strengthen my relationship with my girls

Relationships come and go, but friends are forever. As a single girl, I’m able to cultivate the relationships that really matter in my life and that would be my long-term friendships. I’ve known some of these ladies since I was five years old and we’re still friends 20 years later! I neglected them when I was with my boyfriend, but now it’s time to re-connect.

Have some hot, unattached sex

Long-term relationship sex is nice, but NSA sex is just so thrilling, isn’t it? There’s a certain excitement that comes with hooking up with someone purely for the sake of pleasure. It’s dangerous, rough, mysterious and just so much fun. Being somewhat anonymous gives me the freedom to do things I would have been too afraid to try with my boyfriend. I feel like I’m in a phase of sexual experimentation and it’s really cool.

Worry only about me, myself, and I 

Now that I’m single, I can pour all of my resources and time into taking care of me and only me. Instead of buying my boyfriend gifts or spending money on nights out, I can buy myself those expensive ankle boots I’ve been eyeing in the window or pay for a personal trainer. It’s just so nice not having to worry about the welfare of someone else.

Binge watch a million series on Netflix 

Every time my boyfriend and I would watch TV, it was always an argument on who got to pick the show or movie and one of us always ended up disappointed with the decision. He would want to watch some scary movie and I would always end up agreeing even though I hate them. Now that the BF is out of the picture, I am the master of my Netflix domain and it feels so right.

Meet a ton of cool new people 

As a singleton, I’m going out a lot more, even by myself, to meet new people and it’s been a great experience. I would usually just stick to my boyfriend when I would go to parties, but now I’m forced to interact with people I don’t know and I’ve made a few really cool connections in the process.

Make a big change in my life

 The end of a relationship always marks the beginning of something new. Now that it’s over, I’m constantly thinking of all the things I could do with my life. I could move somewhere new, start a new job, change my hair color…so many possibilities have opened up for me. See how exciting being single can be?

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