See-Through Lace Shorts For Men Exist, Just FYI

I don’t pretend to understand fashion. It’s not all about super cute, ready-to-wear looks; fashion can be challenging and thoughtful and maybe not “pretty” but still interesting and provocative and I’m OK with that. However, I’m not quite sure how to feel about see-through lace shorts for men.

To be fair, I’m not sure how I feel about them for women either. I think that’s just because I’m not really into see-through things or lace, so the combination of the two just doesn’t appeal to me. I don’t really think it’s a top look for anyone of any gender, but that’s just personal preference and I have to admit, some of the models do look kinda fierce in them…

It’s most certainly a LEWK. Hologram City owner Hoza Rodriguez originally created the lace shorts for NYC-based rapper Cazwell’s latest music video, which shows four men donning them with tube socks and bright white shoes. However, the look was so unique that Rodriguez decided to sell them in his online shop. Smart move!

There’s even a matching shirt. What good are lace shorts for men without a matching lace shirt to go with it? Hologram City has the whole outfit covered. The shorts and shirt are available in multiple colors and are sold for $42 each, which is actually a totally reasonable price, to be fair.

The lace look for men isn’t without precedent. PopSugar noted that Versace did something similar back in 2013 and Gucci followed suit in 2015, so it’s not like high fashion hasn’t considered putting men in lace shorts, shirts, and other accessories before. However, this is the first time pieces like these have been available in the mainstream and at affordable prices, so kudos to HologramCity for that.

Summer will be back eventually, so maybe it’s time to plan ahead? Grab some lace shorts and shirts for the guy in your life, be it your boyfriend, dad, brother, or even a guy friend. They might not be on board immediately, but come those hot summer days, they might be grateful for it. Lace lets in the cool air, right? LOL

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