These Sex Toy Candles Let You Practice A Different Kind Of Self-Care

Self-care is incredibly important, especially now. A year into a global pandemic, many of us are feeling frustrated, depressed, and anxiety-ridden and need an outlet for our emotions. Practicing nurturing and relaxing rituals allow us to spend valuable time with ourselves and away from the stresses of the world and they’re so important to our well-being. That’s why 25-year-old Em Newton created a product that combines two of the biggest self-care items out there: sex toys and candles. Brilliant!

The Sex Toy Candle Co. is a relatively new candle. Newton, from the UK, started the company after she was laid off from her job in marketing during the pandemic. She noticed that sales of candles were soaring just as much as sales of sex toys were so she had the brilliant idea to combine the two into one product. Thus, sex toy candles were born.

Em’s family wasn’t really into the idea at first. While her mom’s initial response was skepticism, her grandfather was absolutely horrified and thought it was a terrible idea. However, she decided to go with it after seeing how excited her friends got about Em’s invention. “My friends, on the other hand, were keen to make preorders. So, I bought a collection of interestingly shaped sex toys and set about learning how to mold candles,” she explained.

There are currently four designs available. All of Em’s sex toy candles come in six pastel colors and are made of soy wax. They’re also 100% vegan and placed in sustainable packaging. The smallest piece is a 4-inch Spiral Butt Plug Candle, which she describes as “the perfect addition to any mantelpiece, bedside table, or self-care routine.” On the larger end of the spectrum is the Beaded Dildo Candle which is 8 inches tall. She plans to expand the range in the near future.

The Sex Toy Candle Co is really taking off. Em is behind all the molds for her candles and she pours the wax herself from her kitchen in Surrey. Unsurprisingly, the business is really getting traction and seems to be expanding rapidly. “Since the end of January, I’ve sold around 450 candles and am currently in discussions with a number of online retailers who want to make wholesale orders. My customers include everyone from students looking for a novelty birthday gift to Mum bloggers searching for some quirky interior design additions,” she said. “Even my Dad bought his partner a set for Valentine’s Day and my Step-Dad bought an 8-inch dildo candle for his 78-year-old Mum for Mother’s Day! I’ve also had a lot of support from sex educators and body-positive influencers on social media.”

Ready to buy? You can head over to the Sex Toy Candle Co. website to place your order. You can also follow them on Instagram @sextoycandleco.

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