Should I Text Him Or Wait? Signs You Need To Put Down Your Phone

When you’re crazy about a new guy you’ve been seeing, it makes sense to want to message him every second of the day. Obviously you’re not going to do that (right?!) but that doesn’t mean it’s not tempting. If you’re wondering if you should text him or wait for him to reach out to you first, here are some signs you’re better off putting down the phone. If it’s meant to be, he’ll reach out to you in the end.

You’ve already texted him more than once since you last talked.

If the last message in your conversation came from you and remains unanswered, there’s not really much else you should be saying right now. Either he’s busy with other stuff at the moment and will get back to you when he has some free time or he’s over the conversation. The ball is in his court – it’s not your job to keep the conversation going.

You’re always the one who reaches out first.

Similar to the above, if you’re always the person who strikes up a conversation or goes the extra mile to keep it going when he’s not really engaging, there’s really no need for you to text him first. You’ve already tried that and it hasn’t gotten you any further in your conversations. Just leave it to him.

There’s a good chance he won’t respond.

If you know that he’s otherwise occupied or in a mood and you probably won’t hear back from him, why bother texting him in the first place? It’s wasting your time and energy and you have better things to do. Wait until there’s a better time to get in touch – if he wants to chat then, he’ll reach out to you.

It’s the middle of the night.

Nothing good comes from these types of texts and you know it. If you’re messaging him in the middle of the night, it’s likely going to lead to one thing only. While that’s not necessarily the worst outcome in the world, if you’d like to have more than just a sexual relationship, maybe save your convos for the daylight hours.

He’s already ignored you on other platforms.

If you’ve already left a comment on his latest Instagram meme or replied to his Facebook status and got blanked there, I don’t know if you’ll have much better luck with texting him. In fact, it might even make him less likely to want to chat because it might make you seem a little crazy. You’re not so he can shut up, but still.

You know you’ll obsess over waiting for his response.

If you know that waiting for him to text you back is going to drive you bonkers and be the source of obsession for you until you hear from him, you’re better off just waiting for him to reach out to you. Save your sanity, girl!

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