Why You Shouldn’t Fake An Orgasm

I get it — you want to make your partner feel good, or maybe you’re just afraid to hurt his feelings. Either way, you’re not doing your boyfriend or yourself any favors by faking your orgasms. Here’s why:

Good relationships require communication, even about sex.

If you can’t talk openly with your partner about sex, then you shouldn’t be having it. Take a look at your relationship. Can you trust your partner? If you can, then you should be able to communicate what’s wrong with your sex life. If not, then your relationship has a lot more issues than your lack of satisfaction.

It’s dishonest.

Faking an orgasm is just plain lying. Physical intimacy is so important to your relationship, so why not be honest about it? The truth can hurt, but in the end, you’ll both feel better when you can face the problem head on together.

The sex won’t get better if you don’t speak up. 

Sex is supposed to feel good for both of you. So why are you content without your big finish? The sex is never going to get better if he doesn’t know there is something wrong in the first place. Let him in on the disappointing secret so you can find a way to get your “O”.

You have needs, too.

Why should his needs be fulfilled when you’re left wishing for more? Despite what some men may tell you, your wants and needs are just as important as his. If he expects you to leave with his urges fully satisfied then it shouldn’t be a problem asking the same for yourself.

Being honest isn’t going to turn him off.

Some women will fake an orgasm because they’re afraid the truth will be a turn-off. Not having an orgasm doesn’t mean the sex was bad, it just means you didn’t reach your climax, AKA you either need to keep going or try another method.

You could get a little extra special attention.

A lot of women can’t orgasm during sex, so how do they get their big “O”? Well, if your partner really wants to help you reach your climax, then he’ll spend a little extra time with his head south of your border, or whatever it takes to get you there.

You’re cheating yourself.

Your partner leaves with the impression that he satisfied you. He’s all good, but what about you? When it comes down to it, lying about your pleasure leaves you feeling unsatisfied. He may be none the wiser, but you sure as hell are.

It’s a fake boost to his ego.

Fake it ‘til you make it doesn’t apply here. Someday the truth will come out, and how will your partner feel then? Knowing that all this time he wasn’t satisfying you is going to hurt. Way to destroy the memories and ruin his self-esteem in bed for a lifetime.

He wants to please you.

Your partner wants to satisfy your every want and need, so why are you preventing them from doing just that? Most men get turned on by the thought of pleasing a women and further than that, a man who loves you wants you to be just as happy with your sex life as he is.

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