10 Signs He Thinks You’re Amazing In Bed

Sometimes it can be difficult to know whether a guy really likes having sex with you. That is unless he straight-up tells you. Yeah, he probably likes getting laid, but does he think you have skills between the sheets? If you’re in a new relationship and you’re not ready to ask, these are some tell-tale signs that he thinks you’re amazing in bed.

  1. He’s all over you when you’re together. You know you’re good in bed when he’s like a leech that won’t get off you whenever you’re together. Whether you’re out in public or behind closed doors, he’s always all over you. He’s kissing you, touching your butt, and trying to get things started with you intimately. Why? Well, because he can’t wait for round two.
  2. He asks you about your history. If you’re one of the best he’s ever had (or perhaps the best — here’s hoping), he might start randomly quizzing you on your history. How many partners have you had? Have you had many one-night stands? Who taught you how to do that amazing move that will drive any mortal man wild? He basically wants to know how you got so good at it. His simple mind just can’t comprehend it.
  3. He never passes up an opportunity for it. In the car, around the back of a building, in the public bathrooms. If he thinks you’re a great lover and there’s an opportunity for action, he takes it. He isn’t satisfied with “at night when we’re on our own in a free house.” He has to get his kicks as and when he can like the greedy guts he is.
  4. He tells you how often he’s thinking about it (which is a lot). You can barely have a serious conversation without him mentioning it at least once. He’s eager to tell you how much he enjoyed himself last time and how much he wants you again before he’s going to explode with frustration. This means you probably end up seeing each other more than the average couple.
  5. He sends you dirty messages when you’re apart. When you are apart, which is rare, he often sends you dirty texts to let you know he’s thinking of you. He just can’t resist a long texting session or sending nudes. It’s making it seem like he constantly has the horn.
  6. He tells you how hot you are. If he thinks you’re top-notch in bed, he probably overwhelms you with compliments. They come before, during, and after. He’s much more vocal than other guys you dated in the past. It’s because he honestly can’t believe his luck with you.
  7. He tells you how much he’s enjoying himself. In addition to being vocal about your obvious hotness, he also tells you how much he’s enjoying himself in bed. He doesn’t have to tell you in words. Pay attention to the noises he makes and the way he moves. It tells you everything you need to know.
  8. He always comes. If a guy thinks you’re good in bed, there won’t ever be a problem with him coming or taking forever to finish. Instead, it’s likely to be the opposite. He gets super excited super easily and can’t control himself. Or, he just can’t make himself last longer no matter how hard he tries.
  9. He wants post-coital contact. It won’t purely end with the physical act, either. Once you guys have it and he really enjoys it, he won’t just want to leave straight away. He doesn’t say he needs to get back to work or feed a pet. Instead, he wants to cuddle you, give you a spoon. At the very least, he wants to spend a bit of extra time with the woman who’s so good in bed.
  10. He has to take time out to recover. This is one of the easiest ways to tell if a guy thinks you’re amazing in bed. You wear him out so much in bed that he literally needs to rest after the act. Maybe this means him falling asleep as soon as you’re done. Perhaps it’s having to lay down with you for two hours. It could be putting a “no intimacy” ban on the relationship until he can walk again. Either way, this is a surefire sign you’re dynamite in bed. Check you out, girl.

How to be amazing in bed

You don’t have to have Kim Kardashian’s body or the moves of an adult film star to be amazing in bed. Here are a few things you can do.

  1. Don’t be afraid to initiate. If you want a guy to think you’re amazing in bed, taking charge and initiating every now and then will go a long way in getting you there before you even get your clothes off. So often, we expect men to take charge in the bedroom, but there’s something incredibly sexy about a woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go after it.
  2. Set the mood. I don’t mean you need to light a bunch of candles and throw rose petals all over your bedroom (though if the guy in your life is into that, go for it). However, creating a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere where the two of you can be alone together and really delve deep into your intimacy will set the scene for what could be an amazing night.
  3. Be willing to experiment with your sexuality. Don’t just stick with your standard missionary position all the time. Instead, be open to different positions, techniques, and even acts together that could be incredibly pleasurable and make sex exciting for him. Sure, he loves being close to you and he’s happy to get laid either way. However, throwing a curveball his way by doing something a bit out of the box makes you amazing in bed.
  4. Be vocal with your feedback. If something feels good, tell your partner that. If you want him to do something to you that he isn’t, guide him there with your hands and your voice. If you’re incredibly turned on by him or are really appreciating one of his body parts, for example, speak up. Dirty talk isn’t something everyone is brilliant at right away, and you don’t have to get positively filthy, but being willing to vocalize what’s on your mind will really heighten the experience for him.
  5. Make your partner feel special. Despite popular belief, guys do care about more than just getting their rocks off. They want to feel special and cared for just like we do. Do little things to show him that he’s more than just a piece of meat to you and that what you’re doing together holds special significance in your heart. He may not admit it, but it makes him feel like a million bucks.
  6. Let go of your insecurities. Is there anything that takes you out of the moment more than when the other person is so hung up on how they look from a certain angle or the way they’re holding themselves that they can’t even enjoy themselves? Regardless of whether you’re worried about looking fat or what he’s thinking, you have to let go of it so you can truly be in it. Confidence is everything, and if you can let go of your self-consciousness for even a few hours while you’re enjoying time in the bedroom together, you’re sure to be amazing in bed.
  7. Go the distance. While you probably need a bit of a break after giving him the ride of his life, be willing to keep going and going as many times as he can handle it. It’s impressive how insatiable your sexual appetite is. It boosts his ego to think that he’s so desirable that you just can’t get enough of him. Isn’t that how you want him to feel?
  8. Stop comparing him to your previous partners. Your ex used to do this, and the clown you brought home from the circus that one time did that. So? None of that crap is relevant anymore. Vocalizing your mental spreadsheet of sexual adventures is only going to cause problems. It might make your partner think that he’s inadequate or that you’re not over your exes. Either way, you’re asking for trouble. Zip it.
  9. Leave the butthole alone unless you ask first. Diving in there without a discussion beforehand will earn you an unflattering spot on his “butt-breaching bitch” list. The butt area is uncomfortable and taboo for a lot of guys in all the wrong ways, but others enjoy being stimulated there. There’s no way of knowing for sure unless he tells you or gives you a clear signal.
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