10 Signs He Thinks You’re Amazing In Bed

Sometimes it can be difficult to know whether a guy thinks you’re good in bed or not (unless he straight up tells you). If you’re in a new relationship and you’re not ready to ask, these are some tell-tale signs that your lover is very much enjoying your bedroom behavior.

He’s all over you when you’re together. 

You know you’re good in bed when he’s like a leech that won’t get off you whenever you’re together. Whether you’re out in public or behind closed doors, he’s constantly kissing you, touching your bottom, and doing everything he can to get things started with you intimately. Why? Well, because he can’t wait for round two.

He asks you about your history. 

If you’re one of the best he’s ever had (or perhaps the best—here’s hoping), he might start randomly quizzing you on your history. How many partners have you had? Have you had many one-night stands? Who taught you how to do that amazing move that will drive any mortal man wild? He basically wants to know how you got so good at it because his simple mind just can’t comprehend it.

He never passes up an opportunity for it.

In the car, around the back of a building, in the public bathrooms—if he thinks you’re a great lover and there’s an opportunity where he can get some action, then you bet that he’s going to take it. He won’t just be satisfied with “at night when we’re on our own in a free house,” he’ll have to get his kicks as and when he can like the greedy guts he is.

He tells you how often he’s thinking about it (which is a lot). 

You can barely have a serious conversation without him mentioning it at least once. He’s eager to tell you how much he enjoyed himself last time and how much he wants you again before he’s going to explode with frustration, which means you probably end up seeing each other more than the average couple.

He sends you dirty messages when you’re apart. 

When you are apart, which is rare as you’re both enjoying yourself so much, he often has to send you dirty messages to let you know he’s thinking of you. He just can’t resist a long texting session or a nude Snapchat—and it’s making it seem like he constantly has the horn.

He tells you how hot you are. 

If he thinks you’re top notch in bed, he’ll likely overwhelm you with compliments before, during, and after. He’s much more vocal than other guys you’ve dated and it’s because he honestly can’t believe his luck with you.

He tells you how much he’s enjoying himself. 

In addition to being vocal about your obvious hotness, he’ll also tell you how much he’s enjoying himself during it. Even if this isn’t in so many words, it’s likely to be in the way he makes so many noises or how loud he is all the time.

He always comes. 

If a guy thinks you’re good in bed, there won’t ever be a problem with him coming or taking forever to finish. Instead, it’s likely to be the opposite—he gets super excited super easily and can’t control himself or make himself last longer no matter how hard he tries.

He wants post-coital contact. 

It won’t purely end with the physical act either. Once you guys have it and he’s really enjoyed it, he won’t just want to leave straight away because he needs to get back to work or feed a pet. Instead, he’ll want to cuddle you, give you a spoon, or at least spend a bit of extra time with the lady who’s clearly the goddess of intimacy.

He has to take time out to recover. 

The final way to tell if a guy thinks you’re good in bed is if he has to take some time out from his day or night to recover afterward because you’ve literally worn him out. Whether this is him falling asleep as soon as you’re done, having to lay down with you for two hours, or even having to put a “no intimacy” ban on the relationship until he can walk again, this is a surefire sign you’re dynamite in bed. Check you out, girl.

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