Smoking Weed Makes Me A Better Mom

People have no problem seeing moms posting about #WineOClock on social media to deal with parenting woes, and yet it’s still taboo for women with kids to be open about smoking pot. I’m a weed smoker and frankly, I think I’m a better parent because of it.

  1. I’m a much better person when I’m stoned. I’m more patient with everything and my kids don’t annoy me as easily. I don’t get frustrated when my 3-year-old says “Mommy!” a hundred times or angry when my 10-year-old ignores my repeated orders to clean his room. There are fewer screaming matches around the house when I’m smoking regularly. Maybe this is how we solve world peace? (Sorry, that’s the weed talking!)
  2. I have way more energy. Dealing with a clingy toddler, a sassy kindergartner, and a pre-teen kid who knows everything can zap out my energy by 10 a.m. I smoke a doobie in the morning as a stimulant. It’s just as good as having a fresh pot of coffee to start my day and it really keeps me going, helping me get more accomplished.
  3. I become a more efficient mom. Running a household with young children can be stressful and overwhelming. With loads of stuff to accomplish in a day, I sometimes don’t know where to start. But when I’m stoned, I’m miraculously more focus and efficient. Maybe it’s because I feel less anxious and overwhelmed, so I could do my routines for the day without any problem.
  4. I actually provide my kids with healthy snack options. I’m sure you’ve heard that weed causes people to really want to eat and because of this, I’ve packed a lot of healthy snacks in our kitchen for when that craving strikes. We have lots of fresh fruit and veg, yogurt, organic nuts and chips, the whole nine yards. I’d like to think I’m setting a good example for my children when they see me snacking on these treats instead of munching on burgers and chocolate milkshakes. Hooray for the munchies!
  5. I connect to my inner child more. Pot makes me feel young. I literally laugh at everything when I’m high and that’s good for my health, right? My kids also think I’m a pretty cool mom because I laugh the loudest at their silly jokes and crazy antics. I like that I can clown around with them and never feel self-conscious about it. Think I’d be climbing up and down the slide with my kids at the park when I’m sober? Nope!
  6. I make better memories with my kids. People my age grew up remembering their parents spanking them or berating them the most. We can’t recall any fun stuff we did with our dad or if our mom played with us instead of slaving away in the kitchen. My kids will remember the silly moments I have with them when they grow old and I think that’s one of the best memories to have of your parents and your childhood.
  7. I’ve developed actual hobbies. Weed makes me a more sociable person that I’m always willing to try out anything. I’ve joined other parents’ activities and developed a love for photography that this mom from school has set up. Who knew I had a creative side? Trying new things enriches me, and people always say anything that enriches you makes you a better person. I guess you could say I have weed to thank for my personal growth.
  8. I sleep a whole lot better. Any parent will tell you that sleep is a luxury, but I seem to be richly blessed because I sleep like a baby when I’m smoking weed. I also have a regular sleep schedule thanks to my regular smoking sessions. Besides, countless doctors have said that marijuana could be a sleeping aid, especially for busy people with disruptive sleep cycles—I’m here for that!
  9. It’s turned me off from drinking alcohol. Some parents turn to alcohol to wash away their stress and depression because life is pretty damn hard. I turn to weed to keep my anxieties under control and I’ve never had violent episodes that could affect my children because of it. Also, the likelihood of me risking my health from cannabis is slimmer compared to the number of cases linked to alcohol. I went with the “evil” that had fewer risks, if any at all.
  10. I actually have a better relationship with my spouse too. We have fun date nights outside and a great time in the bedroom because of marijuana. I’m bolder about seducing my husband as well, and I sometimes do that in front of the kids. When young children see their parents still heavily into each other, that can impact the way they regard marriage and relationship as well.
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