This is Why You Should Be Super Skeptical Of A Guy Who Doesn’t Carry Condoms

Millennial men absolutely hate wearing condoms even though they’re still one of the most effective forms of birth control and one of only two ways to protect against STIs (the other being abstinence). Although women should still take responsibility for our own sexual health, it should be a huge red flag when a guy you’re ready to romp with doesn’t come prepared for safe sex.

Male condoms are super cheap and it’s not like he needs a doctor to prescribe them. Even though I think it’s smart for women to also have their own condoms, I still think it’s important to expect a man to have them too. After all, they go on his penis. Plus, they’re basically free and the “nice” ones don’t require a prescription and are still cheaper than the prescriptions that millions of women fill monthly to stave off pregnancy. I’m just saying, it’s the least they can do.

It’s the gentlemanly thing to do. Way too many guys just think it’s normal to just forego condoms and honestly, way too many of us let it happen. A gentleman will show some respect to you even if it’s a one-night stand. A gentleman will at least give you the option of using a condom before sex.

It can ruin the fun of a hookup. One-night stands can be super fun, liberating, and even a little empowering. Sometimes there is nothing better than connecting with a guy at a bar, dancing close, and then heading back to one of your places. That being said, don’t let him ruin the fun when he has to explain that he doesn’t have condoms and then tries to convince you to have sex anyway. It’s much hotter if he already has condoms and shows intentions of using them because you get to avoid the awkward chat about the importance of protection.

He might be nonchalant about his own sexual health. If he doesn’t have any condoms, it may mean that he just DGAF about being safe. I’d be super concerned about whether he regularly gets checked for STIs, especially if he gives me vibes that I’m not the only woman he’s sleeping with. Plus, a new study shows that guys will forego condoms if they think a woman is hot regardless of whether or not she may have an STI. Crazy, right? That’s more reason to be extra suspicious. He could be out here having sex left and right without a condom with other gals who may or may not have STIs.

He might assume that your birth control is enough. In my experience, many guys assume that a woman’s birth control is enough protection even though everyone knows that birth control doesn’t protect from STIs. They’re either uneducated or foolish, and neither are good.

It suggests that he lacks personal responsibility. Like I said, women should have our own condoms but the burden shouldn’t always be on us to care about safe sex. Lots of millennial women already are prescribed birth control. Even if we have condoms to use, I would still be a bit skeptical before hopping into bed with a guy if he also doesn’t have them. Personal responsibility for actions is really important and if he’s not responsible enough to keep condoms around, what else is he careless about?

If he has a condom on him you know that he’s into safe sex and that’s super hot. It’s hot because you decrease your risk of receiving sexually transmitted infections and also spreading them. If you both come to the table with all of the necessary protection to keep you from getting pregnant or spreading something, it makes sex instantly more exciting because you don’t have to worry about anything.

Some STIs are becoming untreatable so you can’t take chances. ICYMI, some strains of gonorrhea are drug-resistant and scientists worry that syphilis and chlamydia are heading down a similar path. Plus, 14 million people become newly affected with HPV every year, according to the CDC. If you go home with a guy or decide to take it to the next level with someone you’ve been dating, do yourself a favor and either use a condom or make sure that you’re both absolutely 100% STI free. It’s super serious.

We should expect more. We should start expecting men to do more and to do their part. Safe sex is something that both parties should care about and put effort into to ensure healthy sex practices. I think we should do our part to change the risky ways that we engage in sex and think about raising our standards of millennial guys, even if they don’t want to. If he doesn’t want to, then maybe he’s just a jerk!

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