This Text Exchange Is Proof That Some Guys Just Can’t Handle A Woman With High Standards

If you’ve been in the dating scene for a while, no doubt you’ve dealt with your fair share of guys who just Do. Not. Get. It. Ugh! Liars, game players, cheaters — there’s no end to the number of toxic dudes out there, but you keep going in hopes of meeting one of the good ones. Unfortunately, that’s a pretty rare occurrence. Instead, you have experiences much like blogger Clair Hanks had recently.

From what it seems, Hanks had gone on one date with a guy, nicknamed “Drake” in her phone, and thought it had gone well. She followed-up and made second date plans and he agreed… only to cancel on her the day of. She then called him out for his BS which didn’t go over well at all. What followed was an embarrassing exchange that included blame shifting, aggression, backtracking, cluelessness, and just straight up mess.

Somewhere along the line, Hanks decided to give this guy another chance… which he very promptly seemed intent on messing up.

Finally, this is the last message Hanks sent the guy, who seems to have dropped off the face of the earth after he was put in his place:

Damn! That’ll teach guys not to mess with a strong woman. Hanks is the hero we should all aim to be — strong, self-assured, and completely unwilling to deal with dudes’ BS.

[H/T to Madame Noire for the screencaps!]

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