The Ultimate List Of Sexual Kinks — How Many Have You Tried?

Kinks are pleasurable sexual acts that are considered abnormal by society. But you know what? There is nothing wrong with adopting your own rules and ideas of what sex and intimacy mean to you. As long as your actions aren’t hurting anyone and you’re in complete synch with your partner, then you’re free to sexually explore as much as you like. Don’t know where or how to get started? Here is a list of kinks you should familiarize yourself with.


Maybe you love watching yourself in the mirror while having sex with your partner or you get turned on at the thought of spying on a naked person or people having sex, then you might be a voyeur. Voyeurism is a kink where you derive sexual gratification from watching others have sex; especially secretly.


How much do you love pantyhose? People with this kink usually love wearing pantyhose or love to have their partner wear hosiery while making out or having sex. If this sexual pleasure fascinates you, consider buying crotchless, the kind of hosiery made for making love.


This kink is when you enjoy having others ogle at you while naked or having sex. If you fantasize about having sex in a crowd, masturbating while someone watches, or enjoy preening your nude body before a mirror, then you might just be an exhibitionist.


This involves dressing up in a fantasy-inspired style and pretending to be someone else when being intimate with your partner. The essence of role-playing is make-believe. You both fit into a role that is different from your normal daily lives. Imagine your nerdy tech boyfriend wearing leather thongs, nipple clamps, and high heels in the bedroom; just for your maximum pleasure.

Dirty Talk

With this kink, you derive heightened pleasure and satisfaction from using suggestive or explicit language during lovemaking. An indicator that this is one of your kinks is when you get all hot and bothered when you hear or read words, phrases, or sentences that are rated +18. If you enjoy sex more when your partner starts talking dirty, then you are in the dirty talk league.


This kink is centered on deriving pleasure from consensual sexual acts that involve urination. This might mean pissing on your partner or having them bathe your face in their piss. This can also be called a golden shower, waterworks, or piss play. It is usually found in BDSM situations where the dominant pisses on the submissive for their pleasure. If you find this thought exciting, invest in some waterproof sheets and get freaky.

Nipple Play

This kink is often popular among people with highly sensitive nipples. It is a heightened sensation that comes with playing with the breast; especially the nipples. Nipple play may involve biting, spanking, tugging, or sucking the nipples. Unlike a popular misconception, this kink is enjoyed by both men and women.

More sexual kinks you may be interested in trying


Cuckolding is getting turned on when your partner is having sex with someone else, either in front of you or in your absence, and sharing the sexy details with you later. Part of the thrill is that someone else actually wants your lover.

Blood play

Blood play involves getting aroused at the sight of blood. This could either be your blood or drawing your partner’s blood during a sexual act. People who are interested in vampirism and pain (sadists and masochists) often enjoy this kinky play. However, you should practice health safety and adopt a safe word while at it.


This term covers Bondage, Dominance/discipline, Submission/Sadism, and Masochism. At the core of this kink is the concept of power play. It involves a consensual exchange of power for mutual pleasure.  There is a submissive partner who obeys the dictates of the controlling partner also known as the dominant. If you’re pumped up at the thought of laying back and letting your partner pleasure you nonstop or love bossing your partner in bed, this kink might just be your style.


This kink is when you’re sexually turned on by your partner’s sounds. It could be something as simple as a moan, slapping sounds against their butt, or their heartbeats. You can effectively explore this kink by wearing a blindfold. This will alienate other senses and make you focused on the noise in the bedroom.


 A gag kink means you love it when your partner stuffs your mouth with a gag to prevent you from moaning when having sex with you. While you love your lover’s domineering attitude in bed, don’t forget to have a safe word and ensure that you’re still able to communicate when in that position.     

Orgasm control

As the name implies, this kink means allowing your partner to dictate when you’re to orgasm. This kink usually plays out in a BDSM relationship. It involves a dominant pushing their submissive partner to the brink of orgasm and restraining them from getting a release till they say so. Bondage is often used to achieve this; your partner may choose to tie you up or blindfold you in the act.

Degradation kink

 You have this kink if you love it when your partner degrades you either by their words or actions, like spitting on you or dragging you on the floor. It’s also part of BDSM and in this case, you’re taking the “Submissive” role.

Praise Kink

This is the exact opposite of a degradation kink. People with this kink get off hearing their partners rain compliments and praises on them when they’re engaging in any sexual activity. Words like, “You’re doing a great job baby”, “I love it when you…”, “You know exactly how to please my body” get them so turned on.

Now that you have the ultimate list of sexual kinks, which of them best describes you, and which are you trying in the bedroom soon?

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