The Biggest Turn-Offs For Every Zodiac Sign — Avoid These At All Costs

Everybody has their turn-ons and turn-offs. Wouldn’t it be nice to know what a person might not like before having to find out later down the line? Depending on your potential date’s zodiac sign, they may have some pretty clear likes and dislikes based on their astrological chart. Below are some turn-offs based on each zodiac sign.

  1. Aquarius: Pettiness & Nagging  Aquarians don’t have any respect for petty people. They typically believe in the saying “live and let live” and find those who don’t share that same principle to be immature and nit-picky. Should you find yourself on a date with an Aquarius, don’t over-emphasize trivial matters. If you show signs of pettiness, this sign will lose interest. Similar to nit-picking, an Aquarius will also be turned-off by nagging. Aquarians don’t typically like to be told what to do, as they’re free-spirited creatures. You’ll annoy an Aquarius if you’re on them about every little, insignificant thing. Nagging your Aquarius date will surely drive them away.
  2. Pisces: Over-Rationality & Ungratefulness Pisces have a rich inner world and have a lot going on in their heads. They’re dreamers. They see the world as their oyster and view it in unconventional ways. They tend to be idealists, so they can be turned off by someone who imposes their rationality or realism onto their complex and fruitful perspectives. Conversation topics while on a date with this sign should be imaginative, deep, and outside-the-box. Pisces are also turned off by people who don’t express enough gratitude. They believe that everyone should be aware of the blessings that are in front of them. Pisces are also very kind and giving individuals, but they require a certain amount of appreciation for their actions. If you come across as someone who’s ungrateful to a Pisces, they can lose interest.
  3. Aries: Controlling & Complaining For an Aries, it’s their way or no way. This sign can’t stand being controlled. They are ambitious and decisive people and refuse to allow anyone to influence their decisions. If you come across as controlling to an Aries, it’ll be a swift turn-off. Another infuriating quality to an Aries is complaining. Aries heavily believe in self-empowerment and are turned off by people who like to feel sorry for themselves. Pity parties are not the way to win Aries’s attention. When spending time with an Aries, they’ll find it endearing if you exude optimism, positivity, and vivaciousness. Stay away from complaints of any kind.
  4. Taurus: Impatience & Unreliability Taurus hate being rushed. They are set in their ways, and they like to move at their own pace. Unfortunately, usually, a Taurus’s pace is similar to that of a tectonic plate. This is because they are thorough people and like to take their sweet time with everything. If you display impatience with a Taurus, they will find it intolerable and be immediately turned off. As a stable and dependable sign, a Taurus will also be turned-off by flakey, unreliable counterparts. A date who can offer dependability and follows through with their word will be the only attractive partner for a Taurus.
  5. Gemini: Secrets & Being Bored Geminis like to know everything, and they like to think that they already do. Because of this, Geminis do not like secretive or mysterious people. They like those who are up-front, open, and honest at all times. Geminis are curious in a sort of guileless way, so you must remain forthcoming with them. They love learning about others, so not sharing everything with a Gemini will ultimately kill their interest. Make sure you come across pretty transparently when dating this sign. Geminis also hate being bored. They need a lot of stimulation. This sign is very drawn to exciting, bubbly personalities. It’ll be an immediate turn-off if you are perceived as boring or dull to a Gemini.
  6. Cancer: Bragging & Being Misunderstood Cancers are a very humble sign. While they don’t lack the ability to be proud of themselves, they normally keep their pride pretty private. They never want to come across as boastful, and those that do just aren’t to a Cancer’s liking. They find it annoying when people brag, especially when it comes to money or material possessions. This sign thinks people who gloat about such things are pompous and unattractive. As an emotionally complex sign, Cancers desire someone who gets their complexity and can be understanding of their emotions. If your emotional intelligence is on a differing plane from theirs, a Cancer will surely be able to tell and will be turned off by your lack of understanding or compassion.
  7. Leo: Stinginess & Being Left Out Leos can be pretty over-zealous when it comes to their spending habits, and they’ll be very generous with their money. So, naturally, they can get pretty turned off when someone else is super stingy. Should you find yourself on a date with one, it would be wise to share their generosity in paying for the date (though they may or may not accept it).  Another thing that Leos hate is not getting enough attention or feeling left out. If you’re on a date with a Leo, one of their biggest pet peeves is your closeness to people they don’t know or deem as “random.” This sign is possessive both romantically and platonically. Your closeness to others can feel threatening to them – especially if they feel like your attention being directed toward another is unwarranted.
  8. Virgo: Laziness & Mind Games Virgos are hyper-critical of both themselves and others. While Virgos can enjoy (and benefit from) chillin’ out and relaxing from time to time, lacking ambition is entirely unattractive to them. Virgos are avid perfectionists with standards that can be hard to live up to. If you seem lazy, unmotivated and tactless to a Virgo, it just won’t do. In addition, Virgos hate mind games more than anything. They view mind games as immature and a complete waste of their energy. This sign won’t see a point in dating you if they sense you’re being inauthentic. They are very real people. Virgos are an intuitive sign, so they’ll catch on if you’re playing games with them – and they’ll have no problem dropping you. 
  9. Libra: Arguments & Rudeness Libras are non-confrontational signs, and they try to avoid arguments. Argumentative people will not attract a Libra because they hate arguments that are conjured up just for the sake of arguing. The Libra sign is rooted in fairness, balance, and harmony. They are turned off by those who would go out of their way to throw off the equilibrium. Also, a disharmonious trait that Libras can’t stand is rudeness. Libras approach everyone with kindness and respect, and they’ll be put off by people who don’t. 
  10. Scorpio: Betrayal & Lack of Confidence As one of the most jealous and un-trusting of the zodiac signs, Scorpios are debilitatingly afraid of betrayal. If you want to date one, don’t let them catch you in even the tiniest of white lies or displaying any signs of potential disloyalty, as this will affirm their fears and immediately deter them from wanting to see you. Convincing a Scorpio to trust you can be hard work, and usually takes a lot of time. Scorpios are also turned off by insecure people. They generally aren’t drawn to people who are overly submissive or shy. Lacking confidence in yourself (or in your relationship) is extremely unattractive to a Scorpio. 
  11. Sagittarius: Small-Talk & Being Told “No” Sagittarians get bored with the monotony of small-talk and will quickly lose interest if that’s all you seem to have to say. Sagittarians are adventurous people and hate to discuss the dullness of everyday life like work or the weather. If you’re going on a date with a Sag, avoid these topics at all costs. This sign tends to be a bit oppositional, but still craves approval from others. Given these qualities, a Sag can get really worked up if someone doubts them, if someone tries to direct their lives, or if they hear the word “no.” This is, unfortunately, a difficult quality to handle as a partner, because the only way to avoid any confrontation or opposition is to smile and nod along with whatever your Sag counterpart may have to say.
  12. Capricorn: Moochers & PDA As one of the most hard-working and self-sufficient signs, Capricorns can’t stand a mooch. If you’re going out with a Capricorn, don’t come across as mooching or needy, as this will be a complete turn-off for them. Asking to use or borrow almost anything from a Cap will make them think that you’re incapable of providing for yourself and you’ll instantly become unattractive to them. Prior to your date, make sure you are prepared. Another huge turn-off for Capricorns is public displays of affection (PDA). PDA, to this sign, comes across as needy, desperate, and unnecessary. Caps, in general, have trouble handling others’ emotional expressions (romantic expression included). They think these types of things should be handled on one’s own or in private. Therefore, PDA makes them extremely uncomfortable. If you’re romantically interested in a Capricorn, don’t rush to demonstrate your feelings too enthusiastically or in public. This can certainly scare them away.
I am a 29 year old writer from Milwaukee, WI. Currently living a life of freedom in Tucson, AZ. Virgo, wine-drinker, lover of bad dancing. Insanity and getting into trouble are my fortes. Writing is my medium.