Things Every Girl Should Feel Comfortable Saying To Her Best Friend

What constitutes a best friend can change a lot throughout life, but their importance never lessons, no matter how old we get. Cultivating and keeping a close friendship in adulthood is something worth spending time on and is one of the best relationships you’ll ever have. Doing that, of course, requires communication. Here are some things that every girl should say to her best friend – or at least should feel comfortable saying when the situation warrants.

  1. “You’re amazing.” There’s no room for competition in a best friendship. She’s awesome, and you should be telling her so on the daily. There’s room enough for two badass women in the world (and way more than that, to boot).
  2. “It’s time to go home.” Who else is there to regulate when someone goes a little overboard at happy hour? You have her best interests at heart always, so you’re sure to get her out of the bar before her nosy coworker realizes she’s a little on the tipsy side.
  3. “You inspire me.” While there isn’t room for competition, there is room for inspiration. If her abs have got you rethinking your gym game, don’t get mad that she got there first, just get busy with your own workouts, knowing that it’s possible.
  4. “I don’t feel good about this.” The good thing about being an adult in a best friendship is that you don’t succumb to the peer pressure of your yesteryear. She can do what she wants and you can tell her when you’re not along for the ride.
  5. “You need to dump his ass.” A best friend’s duty is always to be the bearer of tough love when it comes to dating relationships. Since you know her so well, you can explain exactly why she deserves better.
  6. “I’m worried about you.” For those moments that your girl seems to be spiraling, you should be able to bring it up without getting her all defensive.
  7. “You need a drink.” When your BFF is feeling extra dramatic but you know deep down that it’s just PMS, get your girl a chill pill in the form of a nice tall glass of wine.
  8. “That’s not my business.” When you don’t have any real concerns about her dude but you just don’t vibe with him, sometimes you have to step back and tell her it doesn’t really matter what you think.
  9. “Please.” Just because she’s your number one go-to for pretty much everything, that still doesn’t mean that she’s indebted to you.
  10. “I’ll go with you.” Whether she’s having a random morning burrito craving or needs to grab a pregnancy test at the drug store, you’re down for the mission.
  11. “You were right.” She’s not pulling the “I told you so,” but she totally did. Once again, her outside perspective could have saved you some trouble.
  12. “Don’t eat that.” If your best friend has put you in charge of monitoring her food choices, then be that friendly reminder over her shoulder. But only if she recruited you for the position (and even then, cut her a little slack).
  13. “I need help.” If you’re down in the dumps and she doesn’t seem to be responding to your texts accordingly, spell it out for her. There’s no shame in asking for support, and it’s better in the long run than resenting someone for not being there for you when they didn’t know that they needed to be.
  14. “I love you.” Romantic love can be hard, but friendship love should be easy. Don’t forget to express it, because it’s good for everyone. Plus, sometimes she’s better to have around than a boyfriend, anyway.
  15. “Thank you.” Through your good times and bad times she’s been there, doing more for you than most people ever will. If that isn’t worth a thank you who knows what is!
Kate Ferguson is a Los Angeles local and freelance writer for a variety of blog and magazine genres. When she's not writing, the UC Davis graduate is focused on pursuits of the entertainment industry, spin class, and hot sauce. Look for article links, updates, (and the occasional joke) on Twitter @KateFerg or @WriterKateFerg, or check out her personal blog