Thinking Of Giving Up Alcohol? 17 Benefits Of Having A Dry Month

Thinking Of Giving Up Alcohol? 17 Benefits Of Having A Dry Month ©iStock/Courtney Keating

Millennials drink A LOT. From affecting the whole wine industry because of the mass amount of wine they consume to their binge-drinking behavior, which is becoming more and more popular, Millennials definitely love to drink. In fact, 28% of Millennials between 21 and 26 drink every single day of the week.

But while you have a liver for a reason and that reason is to flush out all those alcohol toxins, the fact is that your body wants to take time off from drinking. Here are 17 benefits of quitting alcohol for 30 days.

  1. You lose weight. How much weight you lose is based on how much you drink on a regular basis, but laying off the booze for a month will definitely result in losing at least a couple pounds.
  2. Cholesterol rate drops. Not that most people under 40 need to worry about their cholesterol, but the fact is that a month sans alcohol will result in a 5% drop in your cholesterol numbers.
  3. Your skin is softer. Alcohol is so dehydrating! It can just suck the life (read: water) right out of your skin and hair. Cutting it out means having softer skin and a dewy glow to match. People will probably ask you if you just got a facial.
  4. Your hair is shinier. Similarly to your skin, your hair will also benefit from getting rid of the alcohol that dehydrates you from head to toe.
  5. You’re less bloated. Between the dehydration and just the fact alone that alcohol is a poison to the body, you’ll find that your face and lower abdomen won’t look and feel so, oh what’s the word … fluffy.
  6. You don’t have to contend with hangovers. Hallelujah! Am I right? You’ve wasted too much time being hungover as it is anyway.
  7. You save money. Whether you drink $3 PBRs or $20 martinis, after awhile it adds up. Subtracting those weekly expenses from your budget means more money for shoes, travel, or maybe you can even open a savings account.
  8. You have more energy. It might seem like a strange concept considering how hard you can rage while your drunk, but life without alcohol is an explosion of energy.
  9. You feel happier. Because alcohol is a depressant, and even one that makes prescribed depressants null and void, without alcohol, your mood will be on the upswing.
  10. You sleep better. You’ll be expending healthy energy that will make you tired, but without alcohol to screw up your sleep patterns, so you’ll sleep more and sleep like a baby.
  11. You wake up easier. Not just because you don’t have a hangover, but because you’re full of life and well rested.
  12. Your concentration kicks into overdrive. Alcohol creates a fuzziness in your brain that lasts even when you’ve sobered up. Without it, your focus is much more, well, focused.
  13. You’re better at your job. Because you’re able to get out of bed without feeling like a hot mess, you can concentrate like a champ, and you feel better overall, obviously, you’ll kill it at your job, too.
  14. You’re friendlier. Whereas hangovers, lack of sleep, and general depression may have kept you the crankiest one on the block, that is no longer the case. You might even feel compelled to help an old lady across the street.
  15. You get more personal goals done. When you give up drinking your social life decreases a bit, too, because drinking is so much a part of our culture, but that’s OK. What that really means is you finally have time to work on your personal goals, like maybe writing that novel, picking up a hobby, or learning something new.
  16. You feel more in control. With all the positive changes around you, you can’t help but feel more in control. You’re on top of your game and you feel like you can really handle anything.
  17. You have better sex. Be honest with yourself: Is drunk sex ever good? Not really. You’re sluggish, sloppy, and alcohol totally messes with your sex organs. You want an orgasm you can feel, not one that barely tremors through a fog of vodka.
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