Unconventional Relationship Milestones That Will Bring You Even Closer As A Couple

You know how amazing it is when you share your first kiss or tell your partner you love them for the first time, ut those romantic moments are far from the only milestones to mark on your calendar. There are others that might not seem like fun but could actually make your relationship solid AF.

The first time he sees you without makeup. 

It’s not easy to let go of your intense morning beauty ritual and let your boyfriend see you au naturel. This is especially scary if you tend to wear a lot of makeup and fear he’ll look at you and ask, “Um, where’s the woman I’ve been dating for the last four months?” But don’t let your own discomfort stand in the way of this milestone. By letting your boyfriend see what you really look like, you’re taking your intimacy to a whole new level, which is pretty great. Plus, there’s a nice ego boost in knowing he thinks you’re a natural beauty.

Your first fight. 

Everyone tries to avoid their first couples fight because it’s such a crappy way to hit the brakes on the honeymoon period. But hey, it was going to end sooner or later, and your first argument can actually help to break your relationship into stronger ground. Now you’re not only loved up and happy, you’re also capable of going to crappy places and then coming out stronger on the other side together.

Your first Green-Eyed Monster moment. 

No one wants to feel jealous in their relationship, but it’s probably going to happen sooner or later to either you or your boyfriend. It can actually be a good sign because it shows you care about your partner and don’t want to lose him. If you feel nothing about him sharing texts with his ex or he doesn’t bat an eyelid when you mention you’re working late with your colleague for the second night in a row, then that’s a bad sign. Not feeling any jealousy means you don’t care much, which is a worst thing to confront than the jealousy itself.

The first time he introduces you as his girlfriend. 

The first time your boyfriend introduces you to someone other than his family (who obviously knows you’re his girlfriend) is filled with anxiety. Will he call you by name or specify the girlfriend title? The latter is a crucial milestone because it shows he’s serious about you and wants to shout it out to the world.

Your first comfortable silence. 

We’re sometimes afraid of silence, as though it’s a sign we have nothing to say to our partners. But you can’t talk all the time. Being able to sit and be comfortable without talking, such as if you’re reading, shows you can let your guard down and just be together without the desperate need to fill every silence.

The first time you act like best friends. 

You can’t be in romance mode forever. When you’ve been dating for a while, a milestone you’ll reach is being able to act silly with each other, chat about embarrassing moments, tease each other and share a laugh while vegging in front of the TV. Those moments are awesome and really solidify you as a couple whose got loads more going for them than just hot sex.

The first time you admit attraction to other people. 

Reaching a point in your relationship where you are stable enough to admit that someone outside of your relationship is hot without it becoming a fight, you should celebrate. It means that you can be honest with each other without the confession of attraction ringing any warning bells, as it shouldn’t. You’re both mature and into each other enough to know that you can share awkward things without feeling awkward. Nice one.

The first time you sleep with each other without having sex. 

Having sex for the first time is a common relationship milestone, but getting to sleep with your boyfriend where you actually fall asleep with each other is a whole new level of intimacy.

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