Man Uses Underwear To Disguise His Face During Gas Station Robbery

If you get to the point in life where armed robbery seems like a good idea, you obviously aren’t thinking clearly. However, if you plan on getting away with it, you probably want to be a little more thoughtful about your choice of disguises. Unfortunately, 26-year-old Shawn McCormick missed that memo and decided that a pair of underwear would do the job.

It was (seemingly) the perfect crime. The unnamed man entered Bratcher’s Fuel in Moberly, Missouri on December 7 at around 6 p.m. armed with a shotgun and a pair of underwear on his head – with the leg holes over his eyes so he could see what he was doing, of course. He made a quick getaway before the police could get there, so the Moberly Police Department took to Facebook to help.

It wasn’t long before McCormick was identified. While the comments section was a hilarious mixture of quick quips and jokes, there were some helpful comments as well, which led to the robber being identified. It seems McCormick’s disguise didn’t work quite as well as he’d hoped.

He was arrested on December 10. McCormick was charged with armed robbery just three days after he committed his crime, and the local PD was keen to thank the public for helping to identify him and ultimately bring him to justice. “In regards to the past weekend robbery at Bratcher’s Fuel, the Moberly Police Department would like to say thank you to this great community we are fortunate to serve. The tremendous amount of information sharing and tips received are a testament to how well this community works together in a time of need,” they wrote in a follow-up Facebook post. They further added that charges were “formally filed with the Randolph County courts.”

Think again, criminals. Maybe don’t use a giant pair of underwear as your disguise during a robbery. Or, you know, maybe don’t rob places at all. That’s probably a better idea.

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