The Upsides to Dating a Mama’s Boy

Dating a mama’s boy can come with its fair share of challenges, like a mother presence that never quits, but it can also be pretty great. Of course, there are limitations when it comes to what’s appropriate between a mother and her grown son, but there are plenty of reasons a classic mama’s boy makes for a great boyfriend (and husband)! Here are some of the upsides.

He respects women.

A mama’s boy thinks his mom is number one, which means he knows how to treat a lady right. Plus, his mom would probably kick his butt if he disrespected a woman.

He knows how to give a gift.

Your mama’s boy is not only going to remember every anniversary/birthday/half birthday, but he’s going to sweetly acknowledge them in ways you actually appreciate.

He’s tuned in to a woman’s emotions.

Guys who are really close to their moms have an insider perspective on what makes them tick (and what pisses them off).

You’ll always have somewhere to spend the holidays.

Whether your family is a little far to get to for every holiday or you just feel like avoiding them sometimes, you can be sure a mama’s boy will be ready to visit home at a moments notice.

He has high expectations.

This is a good thing, because it means you have already passed his first round of assessments about what type of girl you are.

Family is important to him.

You can rest assured that a mama’s boy is going to take his own future family life very seriously.

He’s sensitive.

A mama’s boy is not only sensitive to what women are feeling, he’s more in tune with what he’s feeling, as well.

He’s chivalrous.

A guy who wants to make women happy is going to be on his best dating behavior. Cue the door opening and cute moves like offering you his jacket.

He’ll only take you home if he’s serious about you.

You don’t have to worry about a mama’s boy stringing you along – he wouldn’t introduce you to his mom unless he meant business, because she means business.

He’s not going to insult your time of the month.

This isn’t going to be the boyfriend who gets all snarky and asks if you’re PMSing every time you slightly raise your voice or get sensitive. In fact, he’ll probably bring you a hot water bottle and a bar of chocolate to make things easier.

He was instilled with certain rules.

As long as a mama’s boy has individuated from his mom enough to make his own decisions, the behavioral rules he learned growing up will stay with him like an internal compass.

He’s honest.

A mama’s boy didn’t hide stuff from his mom growing up, he told her everything – maybe to a fault. That sort of honesty tends to stick around.

He’s committed.

A mama’s boy knows a thing or two about commitment – he’s been by his mom’s side since the day he was born. He’s not going to shy away from spending time with any other woman he likes, either.

He knows when to shut up.

Doting mothers do anything for their sons… including setting rules and expecting them to be abided. A mama’s boy knows what is appropriate behavior and what isn’t, and can draw that line without needing to be asked.

You get another mom.

When you’re in with the mama’s boy’s mom, she’s going to treat you like another kid of her own. Whatever is in her son’s best interest is in hers, as well.

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