If You Like The Thought Of Waking Up To An Orgasm, You Need This

If You Like The Thought Of Waking Up To An Orgasm, You Need This

Getting up for work/school/the gym/basically anything early in the morning is basically the worst, but there’s one thing that might make it slightly less painful (and way more pleasurable): waking up to an orgasm. You don’t need a guy in your bed to make it happen, either — apparently, it’s as simple as using a new sex toy-slash-alarm clock called the Little Rooster. Oh, damn!

Before I go any further, I should clarify that The Bolde isn’t being paid to talk about this thing — this is totally just a PSA for women who love to get off and like hearing about new ways to make that happen. If that sounds like you, clearly you need to read on.

Basically, the Little Rooster is a vibrator that you wear in your underwear so you can be awakened gently and with a bang (so to speak). You set what time you want to get up and wait for the vibrations to begin and the next morning. Don’t worry that you’re going to be violently jolted from your sleep, though — they start slowly and gradually increase in intensity to help you get off. And if the idea of wearing a vibrator all night seems a bit uncomfortable to you (because it definitely did to me), the makers claim that due to its shape, you won’t even notice it… that is, until you’re having an orgasm in the morning, I guess.

The Little Rooster claims to be super quiet and rechargeable with 27 speeds and even a snooze button (which, LOL), but is it worth the £69 (roughly $93 with free shipping to the US)? Who can say? But if you love to get off and are always looking for creative ways to do it, even first thing in the morning, this just might be the sex toy you’ve been looking for. Might as well give it a go, anyway.

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