What His Instagram Account Says About Him

With so many social media platforms to overshare on, the Internet has become a gold mine for finding stuff out about guys you’re interested in. Don’t even try to deny that you’ve looked; we all creep a little bit in the early stages, and it’s actually pretty beneficial in getting a general idea about who he is. Instagram is extra special because unlike Facebook, its layout is simplified and scrolling through pictures until you’re 117 weeks deep and praying you don’t have an accidental thumb spasm takes only a few moments. You can actually tell a lot about a guy based on what his Instagram posts and activity are about.

His followers determine his ego.

A dude with a ton of followers is very different than a guy who’s just connected with old classmates and his current social scene. Anything in excess of 1000 and it’s a safe bet that this guy gets a ton of validation through his followers and likes. If he’s truly trying to inspire and motivate people with his captions, that’s totally a different thing, but pay attention to a guy who posts a selfie every day or is overly obsessed with his expensive car with generic and non-inspirational hashtags because he’s likely just really into himself and how he appears to other people.

Who he follows shows his interests.

When a guy follows a variety of accounts ranging from friends to comedy accounts with a few celebrities in between, this is completely the norm. If he follows a ton of hot Insta-models, then buyer beware. When a guy scrolls through his Instagram feed and it’s laced with gorgeous, half naked women, it’s going to be hard to satisfy his tastes and it will always bother you knowing that this is where his eyes land on a daily basis. And to the guys, yes, we do totally judge you on this and we’re not ashamed to admit it.

What he posts illustrates his personality.

Does he posts a lot of jokes, misogynist memes, or just a ton of Ciroq bottles in a penthouse suite with a Mayfair filter? Read the fine print. If he makes fun of women routinely through memes, or has a new #WCW (woman crush Wednesday) every couple of weeks, it can say a lot about his relationship stability and overall worthiness of your time. A party animal can indicate he’s not totally mature yet or cares more about appearances than actual character substance. Or, on the flip side, maybe he’s actually adorable and posts his Grandma as his WCW and you get an understanding of his family life through his pictures. There’s nothing cuter than a man who loves his granny.

His liking activity can show where his attention is

. It’s no surprise that men get into a ton of stuff now from girlfriends for their liking activity, and while sometimes it’s a bit extreme to accuse a guy of being an jerk because of a mindless double tap on a picture, you actually can tell a lot about a guy based on his liking activity. If he consistently likes the same girl’s pictures routinely, he could be into her. He could also like a ton of mushy quotes revealing a sensitive side to him that he doesn’t actually show upfront.

Does he even have Instagram?

If he doesn’t even have Instagram, that’s totally cool. Or maybe he does but its set to private. Some people automatically assume that this means they have something to hide. That’s not always the case. Sometimes people just really don’t want to share a lot of personal details about themselves online. Other times, yes, it could mean he has parts of his life he doesn’t want people to know or find. There could also be a professional reason behind it for work privacy reasons. Either way, a guy not having an Instagram account isn’t a reason to start making assumptions. It just means you have to rely on your old fashioned instincts or resort to the more modern tradition of the Facebook creep.

I’m not saying that you should completely rule a guy out based on his social media activities, but the fact is that social media has played a game-changing role in the dating game and social media personas are a real part of that change. Rather than wasting your time dating someone who possesses a real deal breaker for your tastes, you can quickly summarize what you’re getting yourself into and say #byefelicia early on if you need or be genuinely more intrigued because they seem to be even more awesome that you originally thought. Just remember to keep the stalking finds to yourself and not accidentally blurt out his pets name before he’s even told you.

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