Say goodbye to unhealthy relationships. Once you find a man who gives you everything you need, there’s no going back. Even if you break up, you’ll never settle for a guy who pulled the crap that your exes did again. You’ll enter a whole new world, where you’re actually appreciated. This is what it’s like to finally find a guy who treats you the right way:

You don’t feel guilty about expressing your feelings.

 If you cry, he won’t get uncomfortable and leave the room. If you tell him to stop during sex, he won’t hesitate to climb off of you. You never have to lie by telling him you’re “fine,” because you know he’ll respect the truth.

You feel like an essential piece of his life. 

He’s introduced you to his parents and has sent you a morning text everyday since you’ve met, so you know how important you are to him. The days of wondering if your boyfriend actually gives a crap about you are over. You know how he feels, because he makes it clear everyday.

You don’t have to guess how he feels.

If your boyfriend is horny or happy or pissed, guess what? He’ll actually tell you. You won’t have to study his body language and retrace your steps to figure out why he’s acting the way he’s acting, because he’ll be honest with you from the start.

You find out what men are really capable of.

Some men act like they’re incapable of showing emotions, settling down, and shopping for tampons. Of course, your boyfriend does all of those things without being asked. He’s what every boyfriend should aspire to be.

You won’t be embarrassed to take him out in public. 

In fact, you’ll be eager to drag him around with you. You’ll want to show him off, so everyone can see how lucky you are. You’ve been looking for a relationship like this for years, so you might as well flaunt it.

You become the voice of reason for your friends.

No, it’s not okay that your bestie’s boyfriend kissed another girl. No, it’s not normal for your sister’s husband to refuse to go down on her. Now that you’re finally being treated the right way, you want your friends to be, too.

Sex is fun for the both of you. 

He knows about the importance of the clitoris and is highly skilled with his tongue. He’s also smart enough to know that sex isn’t complete until you both orgasm.

He won’t make you feel like crap.

Even when he’s angry with you, he’ll treat you like an equal. He would never dream of hurting you. If he did, it would hurt him, too.

You couldn’t be more thankful. 

You know how many losers are out there, because you’ve dated them. But the memories of them will only make your new relationship even more special. They’ll help you remember how fortunate you are to find one of the guys actually worth dating.

You realize what love is meant to be about.

 You’ve never had someone love you the way that he does. He proves that a relationship can be passionate without being destructive. That they can be healthy and hopeful and fun.

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