What Using These 15 Emojis Say About You

Oh, emojis. Where would we be without them? They not only add a little unique flavor and pizzazz to the blue and grey bubbles of our lives, but they also say a lot about you as a person. So, want to know what the emojis you’re using say about you? Read on. 

1. Thinking face 🤔

If you use this emoji then—to no one’s surprise—you’re quite the deep thinker. You’re not the type of person to text before your brain has had time to catch up to your fingers. No, you’re more intentional than that. You like to contemplate and consider all angles of a situation before landing on an answer. If that’s not resonating with you, this emoji can also indicate your uncertainty or confusion about something.

2. Praying hands 🙏

guy with his hand on his heart

Using this emoji means you’re full of gratitude. Let’s say your friend drops off soup when you’re sick or your coworker takes some overwhelming work off of your plate—this is the emoji you’d use to thank them. This emoji conveys your genuine appreciation for the people in your life and makes them feel needed and valued.

3. Upsidedown smiley 🙃

This is a very sarcastic smiley, sure to follow—or even sandwich—a message likeI’m fine, everything’s finewhen, in reality, everything is most certainly not finebecause your life is within an inch of imploding. It’s basically the emoji form of putting on a brave face and likely means that stuff’s going very wrong, but you’re trying your best. And that’s all you can really ask for, right?

4. Crying laughing 😂

smiling man in hat looking up

You love a good laugh! Whether that’s laughing at yourself or something someone said, you’re quite the chuckler. That’s a good thing because it means you can bring levity and fun into almost any situation. You don’t take life too seriously and you serve as a great reminder to your loved ones that life should be fun!

5. Heart ❤️

You’re a lover and a kind-hearted person. You can often be found sending texts to loved ones that look like, “Hey, just checking in, I’m here if you need me ❤️.” Awww. You genuinely care for the people in your life and want them to know that you’re a safe and supportive shoulder to cry on. Not many people can say that—good on you.

6. Wandering eyes 👀

You like the drama! If you’re using this emoji then it means you want the hot gossip and you want it now. This emoji will usually accompany texts like, “So how did your date go last night?” or “Did you see the picture so-and-so just posted to Instagram?” TL;DR: You like to be in the know and there’s nothing wrong with that.

7. Pleading face 🥺

This one just pulls at your heartstrings, doesn’t it? This emoji can be used in a couple of ways: to express your sincerity and sadness for a situation or to call out something that is particularly cute. Whatever you use it for, this emoji means that you feel all of the feels. You’re an empath and want people to feel your emotions through the screen.

8. Grimace 😬

If you’re using this emoji it’s likely because you’re telling someone you need to cancel at the last minute because you have a case of the ldon’twanttobearoundpeople. Or maybe you’re recounting the story of something particularly awkward, like when your boss went for a high five and you went for a handshake. Whatever the case, if you choose to go with a grimace that either means you’re delivering possibly not-so-great news or relaying an embarrassing moment. 

9. Heart eyes 😍

Attractive young couple in love sitting at the cafe table outdoors, drinking coffee

This emoji signifies that you’re emotional (in a good way) and romantic. You love showing your love for others and being bold and outright about it, too! You get excited by the big and the small stuff and you want everyone to know it. You may also use this emoji when you want to tell your friend she looks great in that dress she tried on or when you want to tell your partner that you appreciate him for sending you flowers.

10. Classic smiley 🙂

Happy male person face home portrait. Blue eyes looking at camera close up. Joyful bristle surfer man long hair. Smiling shy guy. Kind casual people. Young adult hippie inside house. Hipster hairstyle

You’re a positivity spreader! (The only kind of spreader we’d want to be around.) You look at the bright side of things first and you always want to make sure that the people around you are happy and having a good time. You’re happy-go-lucky and people love that about you—you bring the brightness wherever you go.

11. Crying face 😭

Using the crying face means you’re very in touch with your emotions. It’s likely that you open up to your close friends and family about how you’re feeling through text (and with this emoji). It’s the perfect emoji to use when you’re feeling overwhelmed by your emotions. Whether you’re feeling really happy or especially sad, you’re an open book who wears your heart on your sleeve.

12. “Uh-oh” face 😳

You’re very expressive! You’re the kind of person who can’t hide their reactions to the point where people will often say to you, “You’re making a face.” It’s all good though, that’s what makes you you! Whether you’re using this emoji to convey embarrassment, shame, or shock,  it’s a great tool when you want to express your surprise at a situation.

13. Party face 🥳

We see that you love to celebrate. You’ll take any excuse to plan a celebration for your loved ones—whether your partner just passed a big exam, your friend got a promotion, or your mom is finally retiring. You take joy in toasting other people’s success and that makes you a ride-or-die person anyone would be lucky to have in their life.

14. Thumbs up 👍

Happy smiling young man standing in snow covered winter landscape showing a Thumbs-Up - OK Hand Sign towards the camera, Selective Focus on Face. Millennial Generation Winter Outdoor Portrait.

You’re a straight shooter and you don’t like to waste time going back and forth talking about the little details. Once you make a plan, you like to seal it with a good old thumbs up and then carry on with your day. You’re a let’s-get-down-to-business type of person—in other words, you’re efficient, succinct, and upfront.

15. Rolling eyes 🙄

If you’re using this emoji, then it may mean you get easily annoyed. Whether it’s about the person who cut you off on the highway or your coworker who always knows how to push your buttons, you have a hard time hiding your irritation. There’s nothing wrong with that, texting your friends and family is a safe space! Just make sure you don’t accidentally send the message to the person you’re referring to.

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