Why Sarcastic Women Make The Best Girlfriends

Picture your dream girlfriend. Is she honest, funny, and witty? Is she creative, smart, and confident? If so, then you’ll love dating someone sarcastic! Sarcasm is a fantastic language to learn, and women who wield it as a weapon in their communication style are incredible! They’ll run circles around you in intelligence and wit, and you’ll be amazed, attracted, and appreciative of their way with words. Here’s why sarcastic women make the best girlfriends.

They’re great at diffusing tension. 

Tensions run high sometimes, both in life and in relationships. Sarcasm is a great way to help diffuse that piled stress, but it takes a careful tongue to make it work. After all, sometimes sarcasm can be too cutting and just make things worse! Sarcastic women are fluent in the language of sarcasm. It’s a part of who they are and how they communicate! This means they have enough tact and empathy to tailor their sarcasm to the situation. The result is lowered tension and the chance to laugh instead of scowl!

They’re creative and will make you more creative too.

Sarcasm exercises the brain and requires wit. Because of that, sarcastic women are incredibly creative, with quick-thinking minds that jump on opportunities to deliver a humorous but biting remark. Not only will a sarcastic woman wow you with her comedy, but she’ll also make you more creative with her! Bantering with a sarcastic woman means you need to think outside the box and keep up, and your brain will be better for it.

They toughen you up.

Sarcastic women have a unique way of looking at the world. They’ll hear an insult and snap back and they’ll see your mistakes and call you out. They’re not one to take things lying down. Dating a woman like this will get you used to hearing some tough love, and it’ll also teach you to take a leaf out of her book. She’ll shrug off haters with a laugh and a joke and you can too.

They’re honest with you.

You’ll never have to guess where you stand with a sarcastic woman. They’re honest and direct, delivering harsh truths and tough love with a smile and a wink. Honesty is crucial in relationships, and it’s an area many partners struggle with. It’s tough to not sugarcoat things when it comes to those you love. If your girlfriend is sarcastic, you won’t have to worry about that nearly as much.

They don’t take themselves too seriously.

It’s not a bad thing to be serious and it’s necessary sometimes. But let’s face it – life’s way less fun when you’re always solemn or negative. Sarcastic women know this well, and it’s why they use this quality. It allows them to take things more lightly and view them in more positive – and sometimes even comedic! – ways. They laugh at themselves, others, and situations, teaching you that it’s okay to laugh too!

They’re funny and will make you funnier.

Sarcastic women are hilarious. That barbed tongue and sharp mind always lead to at least a good chuckle. By being around funny people, you learn to be funnier yourself. It’s like osmosis!

They don’t bother with passive-aggression.

Passive-aggression is a common negative trait that comes out to play in relationships. It’s a really awful form of almost anti-communication. Sarcastic women don’t bother with passive-aggression because sarcasm delivers their messages aptly. They express how they feel in a way you understand the seriousness of, but with a lower risk of escalation. No more silent treatment or sideways speech – you’ll know what you’ve done and you’ll get served with a side of wit.

They make you reflect on yourself.

Sarcastic remarks can be nothing but comedic, but many times, they’re vehicles for reflection. When you hear a woman say something sarcastic to you, you pause, trying to better understand the meaning in that statement. A sarcastic woman knows how to deliver information in a way that sticks with you, without being cruel. You’ll be more receptive to hearing her words, and it’ll make you think!

They’re confident in themselves.

Sadly, we must face the truth about society – women who are sarcastic are often marked as bossy or domineering. Women who do dare to be sarcastic have learned to overcome those marks of discrimination. They’re confident and they find their confidence through sarcasm. In uncomfortable situations, even when they’re feeling a little insecure, confident women know how to build themselves back up via sarcasm. Their expert manner of diffusing situations and elevating themselves is something to marvel at!

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