Woman Explains How She Can ‘Think Herself Off’ And Have Orgasm With Just her Mind

A woman on TikTok has revealed that she can “think herself off” and have an orgasm using only the power of her mind. Influencer Maya Ansar shared a video with her followers in which she revealed that while it’s disappointing when her partner isn’t in the mood for sex and she is, she doesn’t stress is because she’s got a secret for scratching the itch, so to speak. Tell me more!


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She realized she had this special talent about three years ago. Talking to Vice, Ansar said she started having orgasms in her dreams but eventually figured out she could do the same thing while she was awake. What a gift that discovery must have been!

These days, she can literally orgasm on demand. As she explained, there are no special conditions necessary for her to get there. “I don’t have to fantasize or anything, I just have to think ‘come’ and it happens,” Ansar. “It’s literally about being so in tune with your mind and body and realizing that an orgasm is more mental than anything else.”

There’s no difference between her mental orgasms and the ones given to her physically by herself or partners. According to Ansar, she can use her mind to get off just as deeply as the real deal. “The orgasm I have from thinking off is exactly the same as a penetrative orgasm, deep within my core and it sends waves through my entire body,” she said. “It’s an amazing talent and I consider myself blessed and want thinking off to be normalized.”

In fact, there’s science to support Ansar’s claims. In 1992, researchers discovered that there is a small group of women who can orgasm just by looking at visual stimuli and they actually have physical responses like heart rate and blood pressure increases and pupil dilation. “On this basis, we state that physical genital stimulation is evidently not necessary to produce a state that is reported to be an orgasm,” they concluded.

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